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  1. Default From Calgary, Alberta to Las Vegas-Hoover Dam to LA to San Fransisco and home in 16


    We are planning to take a roadtrip in August. We are travelling with our 16, 14, & 12 year old kids. We will be gone 16-17 days. We plan to leave Calgary after work on a Friday and head south towards Las Vegas. Should we stop to see some sights in Utah? If so what?
    We plan to spend a day shopping & exploring the hotels on the strip and one day seeing Hoover Damn and Freemont Street.
    Then we plan to head toward southern California. We would like to do one day at Disneyland (just to say we went, our kids are not big riders). We are still up in the air if we want to spend time in LA and if we do, what? The kids want to take surf lessons and work our way up the beaches towards San Fransisco. We want to stop at the Winchester House. In San Fransisco we want to do some touring of the city and Alcatraz.

    We are not really that big of shoppers. We want to do active, fun activities and we enjoy history and museums as well. Is our timeline reasonable?

    Any suggestions for us?

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    Default Doable.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your trip is doable but to do the round trip will take 6 full days of driving, leaving you with 10 days for activities however you decide to split your time.

    I'm not sure if it's ever a great idea to leave on a Friday night after work to start a road trip. Sure it's OK to get a couple of hours head start but you can do that by setting out early Saturday morning. With such a long trip ahead I would not be tempted to drive late into the night, or worse still, through the night as it will be counter productive as your body clocks will be out of whack for the rest of the trip.

    In southern Utah you have some wonderful National Parks and Zion and Bryce canyon are two that you could visit. In fact you could continue through Page AZ to the South rim of the Grand canyon and then drive to Vegas via the Hoover Dam.

    If you actually went towards the coast and San Fran on the way down you would have the Ocean on your side of the road if you decide to drive the scenic coast road around Big Sur. It's highly recommended but it would require an overnight stop between SF and LA. You could then head to Vegas and make plans for the journey home.

    Your trip is certainly doable, but you won't have time to hang around in any one place too long.

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    Thank You!
    We hadn't thought about doing the trip the other way around. That might be a good idea.
    Any thoughts on beaches, museums, or other attractions that we might enjoy?

  4. Default Calgary to Vegas with MANY twists and detours?

    My husband and I are planning a trip from Calgary to Las Vegas but with many twists and detours with our three kids, ages 12,14,&16! Here is our plan: Calgary to Deerlodge,MT. Spend afternoon looking at Grant Khorrs Ranch. The next morning tour the Deerlodge Prison & other museums there, then head to Bozeman to sleep. The next day go to Old Faithful. We were disappointed that there is no cheap lodging available around there. We are considering pitching a tent for that night. We will then have a day of driving and we will spend the night in Provo, UT. We will then head to Great Basin National Park and visit the Lehman Cave & sleep in Ely. Then we will head to Las Vegas. We will spend the night on Freemont Street. We then have a room at the Hacienda in Boulder City for three nights. We plan to tour Hoover Dam and spend a couple days exploring Vegas or doing day trips to the South. We then have 2 nights on the Strip and more Vegas time. Then we will head to Zion Park for the day and stay at Panguitch. We will hit Bryce Canyon the next day and head to Idaho Falls to sleep. We will then head home. I realize that there is a lot of driving in our trip. We are used to travelling by car for long periods of time. We want to hit a bunch of things and realize we will not be seeing everything to its fullest. This is kind of a sampler for us! Our kids enjoy museums, nature and adventure.
    Our kids chose this trip over going to Disneyland!

    Any hints? Any ideas for lodging after Old Faithful? We really like to keep that cost as low as safely possible so that we have more budget for adventures!

    Please keep all questions regarding this trip in one thread. Thank-you.
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    I'm glad to see that you involved the kids in the planning; they will be invested and more willing to sit in the car for long periods of time if you've given them some of the choices.

    Lodging--The Yellowstone area is expensive, no doubt about it. Others may chime in with some less expensive ideas. Realize that camping anywhere in Yellowstone may either require reservations (you'll be lucky to get any now) or sitting in line for a first-come-first-served spot.

    Other ideas for lodging include looking for the less expensive chains, use the motel finder on this website (look to the right side column), or checking out coupon books found at state tourism spots or visitors centers as you enter each state. You can also save money in many different ways on food, such as packing a cooler and a snack bag, eating a really good breakfast at the motel and then snack for lunch, and only go out for dinners. Or go to a grocery store and grab some food to bring back to the motel to eat, since so many grocery stores have roast chicken, salads, soups and more at lesser prices than a sit down restaurant.


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