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  1. Default Denver to Las Vegas or Dallas to Las Vegas in November

    Hi again, after all your help in planning my last two trips i'm looking to start planning again. This time i'm asking before booking anything as you set me straight on a few things last time! The trip would be in a rental car with overnight Hotel/Motel stops.

    I have always had a thing about the old west and the lanscapes and scenery that goes hand in hand. Having visited the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Tombstone, Yosemite and some ghost towns on previous trips i want more of the same. The thing is i must come in late October, early November and am limited to two weeks. I want to spend 5 - 6 nights in Vegas so that leaves me 10 -12 nights to plan.

    My prefered choice is Denver as a start point but i'm concened about the weather. If i could start there, maybe just maybe i could go up into Dakota and see the Little Big Horn Site, Sioux City and then across and come back down through Salt Lake City. But then i'm very close to Yellowstone and even from the documentaries on TV here it looks a bit of a no go zone in November.

    The second choice is Dallas, maybe south to the Alomo, Santa Fe and then across or North to Dodge City and then across and up to Utah to Glen Canyon, Bryce, Zion and Rainbow Bridge.

    The starting points are based on where i can get direct UK to US flights to by the way.

    Hopefully you get the idea or is there an alternative that any one can suggest, i would love some ideas.

    Apologies if this has been asked before and for such a long post, thanks in anticipation.

    All the best


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    Default Denver and Bryce etc ?

    Hi and welcome back to RTA !

    We often travel in October when visiting the States and although it's a great time of year in my opinion, the weather is unpredictable and particularly in the mountain areas. Yellowstone sees winter come early and yes by late October it's getting into winter mode. Denver would be my preferred choice too, but you wouldn't have to go up into Dakota as you could head along the I70 corridor to Bryce canyon and Zion etc. There would be lots of options from Denver and you could travel without advance bookings and see what the weather has in store. If it was OK you have Rocky mountain NP nearby, or you could head south to Colorado Springs with Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds and Pikes Peak nearby. You could drive along US50 and drive through the Currecanti Nat Rec area to Black canyon and then visit the mountain towns of Ouray, Silverton and Durango on the Million dollar Highway. Other possible attractions would include Colorado National Monument, Mesa Verde NP, Arches and Canyonlands NP near Moab, Capital Reef NP among many others, so you wouldn't be short of options. If the weather was poor you would still have the option of heading south into New Mexico and west towards Vegas with Lot's of other options.

    Of course there are more possibles out of Dallas, but if Denver is your preferred choice I would go for it and it will probably be cheaper airfares. [?] Of course there is no guarantee that starting out further south will bring you better weather anyway.

  3. Default Final plans !! Bit of a change of Route

    Just thought i'd touch base with you again with my finalised plans for my November Trip.

    A complete change from the thread title i suppose but now its all booked i'm looking for any suggestions for short detours away from this

    Day 1 + 2 Reno
    Day 3 Drive to Ely, Nevada along the US50
    Day 4 Continue along US50 etc to Moab
    Day 5 Arches National Park
    Day 6 leave Arches NP drive to Lake Powell
    Day 7, 8 & 9 Lake Powell
    Day 10 - Day 14 Las Vegas.

    On previous trips we have been to Grand Canyon and Monument Valley so i'm not to worried that these are not included.

    I know the drive to Ely, overnight and then the drive to Moab are long (260 miles each i calculate) but i think they are acheivable although i am concerned about the possible weather. We are renting a 4X4 so apart from the speed issue snow should'nt be a problem (i hope) unless it becomes impassable.

    I'm determined to see Rainbow Bridge and am really looking forward to the Lake Powell area. Any advice for detours and must sees much appreciated.

    Once again many thanks for this forum and to the peopele who take the time to reply. That and the search etc really gives someone like me some real ideas.

    Best Wishes


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    Default Looks good.

    Your plan looks fine and is certainly doable, although I'm not sure where you got the distance for your first two legs of the journey. It's a 700 mile journey from Reno to Moab, but Ely makes a good place to stop at 320 and 380 mile distances respectively.

    I would be tempted to spend an extra night in Moab and visit the 'Islands in the sky' section of Canyonlands and Dead Horse point State park and/or spend a night between Lake Powell and Vegas and visit Zion NP. Valley of Fire is a pretty neat detour off I15 on the way to Vegas if you have a couple of hours or so in hand.

    If conditions were such that you really needed a 4x4, you shouldn't be on the road, it's much better to wait it out and let the crews clear the road. An SUV is fine if that's what you want, but a normal sedan would do the job for a lot less dollar if budget is an issue.

  5. Default

    Thanks for that, will try and make the time to put in your suggestions. I think i might have got as the crow flies distances, oops.

    Take your point about the road conditions. I got a good deal on a 4x4 that included the one way rental costs, it worked out the same as a reasonable size saloon (sedan). I'm hoping for everyones sake that the park closures are lifted before we go, all the businesses, staff and tourists are taking a big hit if it continues much longer.

    Thanks again and all the best to all.

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    The Government Shutdown is officially over, effective last night/today. As long as you travel before January, you won't have a problem with that for your trip.

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