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    Default Gas station microwaves?

    I found this tip on some other site. They suggested that if you buy gas or something, most of them won't mind if you use their microwave.

    I'd honestly never thought of this before. It sounds like it could be very good advice or kind of stupid. Has anyone tried this?

    It could save me the first couple of days if I took home-made meals.

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    Default Another of the great services at Truck Stops.

    It is a service of which I make good use. Sometimes I ask, particularly if it is a small enterprise. It has never been refused. Great for making a hot chocolate drink or just heat some milk for a drink. Sometimes I purchase a microwave meal at the supermarket, and heat it. On rare occasions will I actually make my own meal, and cook it.

    Occasionally you will find one that is not quite as clean as you would like. Most have a small sink nearby with cleaning supplies. One way of repaying the establishment is to just wipe it through. I carry paper towels to put down as well, in case I spill something. I also use the small sink to wash my dishes. If it is not as clean as you would like, clean it.

    Of course I purchase my fuel there, but sometimes I use the microwave in the evening, and don't fill up till the next morning, when I leave.

    But don't let down your guard. Just when relying on a microwave you will strike a place where there either isn't one, or it is out of order.


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    Thanks! Good to know.

    Yes, I was planning on having some different options. I had planned just sandwiches before seeing that advice but after about the 3rd one in a row I know I'd just end up wasting the rest due to lack of variety.

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