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    Default 25th Wedding Anniversary Trip

    My Bride and I are planning to fly to Niagra Falls, NY at the end of June 2013 and drive back to South Carolina. My Wife has never been up North and wants to visit the Amish Country. ( Probably Lancaster ,Pa.) I would welcome some suggestions on places to visit along the way back to South Carolina, I have lived in Maryland for a while, so I am familiar with this area,West Virginia,and Virginia. We have allotted 5 to 6 days for our trip and would love to see some beautiful sites. We love scenic sites and routes. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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    Default A Couple of Things

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    First, Congratulations on making it to 25!

    Then, the first part of your trip will be covering the area between Niagara and Washington which has been discussed previously here. I will say this about Amish country, Lancaster should not be your target since it is basically a college town and a fairly large city for the area. Rather plan on traveling the back roads in a triangular region roughly bounded by Lancaster, Oxford, and Coatesville. stay off US-30 if you can, and actually the more digits in the highway designation the better: PA-372, PA-741, PA-896, roads like that.

    The one other place where I might be able to help you is in North Carolina, but any recommendations for there would depend on what you plan to show your wife in the Maryland/Virginia/West Virginia area and where in South Carolina you'll be returning to.


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    AZ Buck, Thanks for the reply to my post. It has been many years since I was in the area of Lancaster,Pa so I was not aware of the changes. I will take your advice on traveling there.

    As far as where we will travel to in SC. We live in Walhalla,SC, approx. 7 miles from Clemson,SC. I considered traveling through the Shenandoah Valley. Again it has been many years since I have been through the valley but I always loved the scenic views and the beauty of the state of Virginia and West Virginia.

    As far as NC we will be close to home at that point of our travels so anywhere is good. I am not worried about getting back home asap. I want this trip to be a unforgettable trip to be reflect on for many years to come. Again thanks so much for your advice.

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    Default Well Then...

    Since you'll be in south central Pennsylvania, and want to get to northwestern South Carolina, and have fond memories of the Shenandoah Valley, it would seem that the3 obvious route is to take parts of both I-81 which follows the Valley and the Blue Ridge Parkway which, as the name implies, follows the crest of the mountain range to the west of the valley. Besides the two major national parks, Shenandoah and Smoky Mountains, there's also the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area in southern Virginia near the border with North Carolina and Tennessee, and the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park where Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee meet.


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    If you travel along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, there are some AWESOME views of Shenandoah Valley from the mountain tops! From Waynesboro VA to Front Royal VA is 105 gorgeous miles with loads of scenic pullouts, places for a picnic (and a couple of places to grab a bite if you don't have a picnic with you), and to hike a little if you're interested. Skyline Drive runs parallel to I-81, just a lot higher in elevation.


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    Default Skyline Drive

    A few more tips about traveling along Skyline Drive can be seen here, in this route prepared by Peter Thody.

    Megan and I stayed at Skyland Resort a couple of days after it opened for the Spring/Summer season earlier this year. I really recommend it!

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