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    Well I am counting down the days to leave , a couple of last minute questions:

    1. My first leg is: Vegas---Death valley----Lake isabela(staying here over night), it's a bit of a haul 6-8 hours depending on how much I stop. My question is about entering Death Valley:
    Pahrump: Then take 190 in .. Or
    Pahrump: take 372 to 178 to Badwater road--this way adds about an extra hour plus, IS THIS WORTH THE DRIVE to go this way? Is it worth seeing?
    Considering the extra distance and the drive time I have to lake Isabela in 1 day?

    2. When I head to Bryce Via: Nevada 6 to 375 ( stay over night and Lil'A'lee' Inn) what are the speed limits along these roads? How heavily enforced/patrolled are they?


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    1. The quickest way into DV is NV-190 to Pahrump, Bell Vista Ave to DV Junction, then CA-190 in. However, NV-372/CA-178 in through Badwater is well worth it if you have the time.

    2. The open road speed limit in NV is 70. They are lightly patrolled but I don't know how much leeway you would get if you did happen to stumble across a cop.

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    Another option would be to take 190 and then drive down to Badwater Basin and back to Furnace Creek. That would be somewhere in the middle of the two options for time. It's a short bit of backtracking, but you could take Artists Drive on the way back up to FC, although it would take up a bit more time it's part of the 'sight seeing' and Badwater and Artists drive are a big part of that. Get an early start and you will be fine !

    My advice would be to stay around the speed limits as it's not worth risking a ticket or worse. They do have spotter planes flying in the desert areas who can ticket you without you knowing it, until you get the bill ! One of the toughest parts I found was after driving at 60 +mph for a long period on empty roads and then entering town with a limit of 25mph, it felt like we were going at snails pace, but it's when we entered thses towns we saw the most [only] speed guns pointed our way.

  4. Default A Great trip thanks to all you guys on RTA!!!!!

    Well I've been back for a while and have put together some Videos on youtube of my trip. As we all know it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL in the American west.
    I WANT TO GO BACK !!!!
    Could have spent all summer , just going from park to park. I again want to thank all you guys for your input, it made this trip a success and pleasure with the routes suggested here. Road trip America is great!!!! Here are some links to videos, I will post more as I complete them.

    Thanks again guys!!!!!!


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