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    Default Houston to LA in 4 days

    Hi everybody.

    This is my first post as a new member of RTA. I'm thrilled to have found this resource!

    My daughter and I (not a youngster, drives) will be driving from Houston to LA (possibly Topanga? Possibly Venice? Possibly Van Nuys? yikes) in a Toyota Prius with a fair amount of her belongings in the car. We'll strive to cover 500 miles a day.

    I'll need to fly home to HOU on the 19th, 20th of May at the absolute latest, and the unknowns of West Texas and LA are well, unknowns and stressing me out a little.

    I lived in Tarzana, CA for a year when I was about my daughter's age so my memory of the area is antiquated (1977).

    Is Hwy 10 the best way from Houston?
    Any specific recommendations for places to stay along the way, and for a one-night stay in a hotel near LAX?


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    If this is not a sightseeing trip, I-10 all the way is the "best" route. It's just over 1500 miles, so 500 miles a day will take you 3 full days. Corresponding overnight stops would be Fort Stockton and Tucson.

    I don't have any specific recommendations for hotels, but when I use the hotel search here, it comes up with 9 hotels in Fort Stockton, most of which have decent reviews. There is a good national chain presence. West Texas is pretty desolate, so Fort Stockton is pretty much your only choice within a couple hours. For Tucson, I'd probably look for a hotel in a northwest suburb such as Marana. 2 reasons - this will get you away from morning rush hour traffic when you try to leave, and there are some areas in the city along I-10 that are kind of dodgy, especially on the south side. If you want to stop before Tucson, I'd look in Benson, which has 4 hotels with very nice reviews. If you want to get farther than Tucson, your best bets will be in Casa Grande.

    There are tons of hotels within a mile of LAX, most of the national chains are represented, check the reviews.

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    Default They've Been Good to My Family

    As a resident of Tucson, I don't have much call to book motel/hotel rooms here. However, my family loves to come visit, particularly when it's cold back in the northeast. When they come out, they generally stay at the Westin La Paloma, a resort complex on the north side of town. My nephew has been particularly good at finding discounted deals at this resort, but even so it might be a bit pricey for just a night's sleep. Otherwise, glc's advice to stay out along I-10 northwest of town is good. Basically any exit with a number lower than 252 (Ruthrauff Road and northwest) will work, there's ongoing construction closer to town than that. If you were looking to spend a day relaxing on your trip, Tucson would be where I'd recommend you do it, and visit Saguaro National Park, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson Botanical Gardens, or other venues.


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    Default West Texas

    I’ve been through Ft. Stockton three times in the last year, staying overnight at this hotel each time. Certainly nothing fancy, but we never had any problems to speak of. The beds were new and quite comfortable, the parking areas were well-lit with plenty of room, and the staff was nice, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rachel55
    the unknowns of West Texas and LA are well, unknowns and stressing me out a little.
    The drive across West Texas on I-10 is fine – nothing to stress about. Yes, you’ll be driving through the desert as you get farther west, but it really isn’t all that bad.

    Here’s a few pictures taken along I-10 last year. (eastbound, from El Paso to a little ways outside of Ozona, TX)

    Crossing the NM/Texas state line

    South of El Paso where the Interstate turns to the east

    Sierra Blanca

    Early the next morning, just west of the Pecos River

    Now we're on the other side of the Pecos

    About 15 miles west of Ozona

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    Dear glc, AZBuck and Howard,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your replies to my post. Howard, the pictures are incredibly helpful - - a little bit of visualization goes a long way when it comes to reducing my anxious feelings about the drive. The detailed info from each of you has made a big difference in the way I'm able to proceed. Thank you, thank you! I feel so much better. We're going to have a great road trip!

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