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    Default Summit, NJ to San Francisco, CA

    My two brothers and I are moving to California for the summer to work and enjoy the west coast. We are planning on leaving May 13th and need to be in San Francisco by May 19th. I was starting to plan the actual route I wanted to take, and decided I really wanted to stop in the Grand Canyon and St. Louis but other than that didn't have much of a schedule. Any ideas for places to stop along the way, or a specific route to take? We obviously don't want to drive for huge loop or something but aren't opposed to detours if they're worthwhile. Suggestions???

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    You're going to have to cover better than 3300 miles to get to San Francisco by way of St. Louis and the Grand Canyon. The simple fact is that such a drive is going to take a full five days, just for the driving. And before you ask, NO, having multiple drivers does not help. Stops will take longer and there will be more of them, and you still all need to get a full eight hours sleep each night in a real bed to complete this trip safely. You only have six days by my reckoning: I assume you'll be leaving on the morning of the 13th and have to arrive in San Francisco on the evening of the 18th for whatever you have planned on the 19th. That means you really don't have any time for major stops or detours other than St. Louis and the Grand Canyon, and only roughly a half day at each of those. It doesn't mean that you should not take breaks from driving to get some exercise and turn off your brains for a bit, it just means that such stops will have to be relatively short and at sites that are close to the highway.


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    Grand Canyon might be something you plan for a week's vacation once you are in San Francisco. As AZBuck suggested above, you don't have a lot of time and a half day at the Grand Canyon isn't really a lot, even in May!

    Here's one thought: Take I-78 to I-70. Stay on I-70 until you get to Utah. If you do that, you will enjoy St Louis, but also some pretty spectacular scenery west of Denver in Colorado. Once in Utah, catch US-6 all the way to I-15. There is more pretty scenery along US-6! Zip through Salt Lake City, then head west on I-80. (You could also take US-6/US-50 through Utah and Nevada "the loneliest highway", but you may not be able to take that kind of time. This could be something you decide on the spur of the moment.)


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    Specific route from Summit to STL, avoiding tolls:

    NJ-24 to I-287 to I-80 to Youngstown, I-76 to I-71 to Columbus, I-70. Easy 2 day drive.

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    Before I reply with routing and ideas - are you planning to leave in the AM on May 13 or that evening?

    Do you have to be into SF by evening of the 19th or do you have a commitment to attend/do on the 19th (meaning you need to be in evening of the 18th)?

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    Also is STL a stop to see family/friends or sightseeing?

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