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  1. Default Washington DC to Charleston (followed by Savannah) - July 2013


    We will be driving from Washington DC to Charleston in July. We've allowed time for an overnight stay on the way down but are looking for a good place to stop.

    I've seen on other forums a number of suggestions, some just off the I95 and some a little bit more of a detour. Given that we have 2 days to make the trip, we don;t mind going 'the long way around' if there's something worth seeing.

    Ideally we'd like to split the driving equally, e.g. 4 hours one day and 4 hours the next. We're also keen to stop along the way at anywhere else that looks interesting.

    I've seen others suggest Fredericksburg, Fayetteville, Wilmington and Rayleigh/Durham etc but thought I would put a post here to see what others thought.

    After Charleston we'll be driving to Savannah, which I realise is only a couple of hours, but if there's anything worth stopping at on the way to take a look at, suggestiosn welcome!


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    For maybe eight months out of the year, I would have no trouble recommending that you head down along the coast and, in particular, take in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with their rich history and desolate coastal beauty. However, between late May and early September the facts that everyone and their uncle is headed there and that there is a single two-lane road running the length of the Banks (and that you would have to use a couple of very busy ferries) really rules that out as a relaxed driving option. Your other alternative would be to head inland and follow the Appalachians for a while. From Washington, you'd head west on I-66 to I-81 and/or the Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway (which run roughly northeast-southwest and parallel to each other) down to just past Pulaski VA. From there I-77 would take you down through Charlotte to Columbia SC and I-26 would take you the rest of the way to Charleston. That's going to be a little bit longer than you can do in two 4-hour days, but it will be much more relaxed than either I-95 or fighting the beach traffic down the Banks. But if you avail yourself or some of the many scenic stops, take some short hikes, and otherwise simply enjoy the drive, you should be fine. Halfway would be just about the junction of I-81 and I-77 near which there should be plenty of accommodation choices.


  3. Default Shenandoah Skyline Drive / Blue Ridge Parkway


    This summer we will be driving from Washigton DC to Charleston. We have 2 days/1 night to make the journey so are considering taking a scenic route rather than the I-95.

    We have looked at the map and are considering going West out of Washington to Shenandoah and driving south on the Skyline, possible then onto the Blue Ridge Parkway.

    I just wondered if anybody had any experience with these roads as we're not too fond of roads with sheer drops by the side...

    Whilst I understand that we'd be driving through mountains, I just wondered if anybody could tell me more about the condition of the roads, how close to any 'edges' you might come to and whether or not they are dangerous.

    I once drive to/through Yosemite and there were times the car was just inches from a scary drop!!

    Many Thanks


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    I can't speak for Blue Ridge Parkway, but I can for Skyline Drive. The road itself is well-engineered. I don't remember any scary drops on that particular road. Skyline Drive has scenic pull-outs along the way--75 of them!--and all of them have thick stone walls about 18-24" high to protect you and your vehicle. Here's a lovely description of the highway.

    This photo shows you what the stone wall looks like.


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