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  1. Default October - Los Angeles - Nevada - San Francisco on the road

    We are a young family (2 adults + 6 months old baby) looking for an easy but fun road trip in California and Nevada.

    My plan was to land in Las Vegas, rent a car for 9-13 days, see the grand canyon and hoover dam in Nevada (2 days), drive to LA for a couple of days then drive up to San Francisco for a couple of days.

    I have been in both LA and SF before, so I know the cities, but I would like to know what state parks we should do and how much time to plan in each, keeping in mind we have a 6 month old baby along for the trip.

    So, do any of you have a suggested itinerary? with days to spend in the various stops?
    I would prefer a maximum of 2 weeks.

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    Here is the itinerary I had prepared:

    Land KLAS - night 1 las vegas
    Rent Car - day trip to hoover dam - night 2 las vegas
    day trip to grand canyon - night 3 las vegas
    Drive to LA - night 4 LA
    spend 2 days in LA - night 5 & 6 in LA
    Drive to SF - night 7 SF
    spend 2 days in SF - nights 8 & 9 SF then leave early morning from KSFO.

    I would like to add a couple of days for state parks and/or sight seeing, I would prefer to spend as less time as possible in the cities.

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    Your proposed itinerary between LV and LA is very inefficient. The GC is not just a day trip, it takes at least 5 hours each way from LV.

    I would leave LV in the morning and tour the dam on the way to the GC. I would plan on spending the night in Williams or Tusayan or in the park, then spend most of the next day touring the park. Depart the park east on Desert View Drive and spend the night in Cameron or Flagstaff. Then go straight to LA the next day.

    Also, I'd plan on at least 2 days to get from LA to SF, go up the coast on CA-1 for great scenery.

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    I agree, I found a suggestion online and modified it a little.

    Day 1 – land KLAX, relax
    Day 2 – Los Angeles
    Day 3 - Rent car and drive to Grand Canyon (or Flagstaff)
    Day 4 – Grand Canyon
    Day 5 – Drive to Las Vegas via Hoover Dam
    Day 6 – Las Vegas
    Day 7 – Drive to Yosemite via Death Valley
    Day 8 – Yosemite National Park
    Day 9 – Drive to San Francisco
    Day 10 – SF
    Day 11 – SF
    Day 12 – depart KSFO

    Sounds more reasonable?

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    Sorry about that, I was editing while you were posting.

    Here's another suggestion. Make this a "loop trip" from SFO (potentially cheaper car rental with no one way dropoff fee and cheaper airfare departing from same city). Spend 2 days going down the coast (better than going north, scenic turnouts will be on your side of the road) to LA. Then go to the GC, staying in Williams. See the park next day, spend the night in Cameron or Flagstaff. Then go to LV and return to SFO via DV and Yosemite (*IF* Tioga Pass is still open).

    If airfares and/or car rentals are cheaper, you could loop from LA or LV following the same counter-clockwise loop. LV would give you the best chance of Tioga being open.

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