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    Default Seattle to Miami road trip

    Hi! Im new to this forum and i hope i placed this in the right topic. Me and my girlfriend are from Sweden and we are planning a big road trip from Seattle to Miami starting in mid august to end of october. We have a few places that we definatly want to see like: Yosemite, San Francisco, LA, Grand Canyon but otherwise we are open for suggestions. We would like to go to Yellowstone as well but its a bit of a drive there and we are wondering if its worth the extra drive of 1800 miles to go there? And if so and what point of the trip should we go there?

    So far we have come up with two alternatives one were we go to yellowstone after we been to grand canyon that would be around end of september or beginning of october here's a link to google maps

    The other way we thinking of goin straight from seattle to yellowstone and then from yellowstone to portland and that would be in end of august.,12&t=m&z=5
    the two alternatives are about the same distance but we will travelling through different states and we would be visiting yellowstone either in late august or late september. What time is best to visit yellowstone? We are planning to do some backcountry hiking and sleeping in tent, how cold are the nights in yellowstone in end september vs end august? So if anyone have any advice which way is more sceenic or if maybe the drive is too long for the amount of time that we have we would appriciate it alot.

    Max, Sweden

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    Default Plan C

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are some good advantages and disadvantages of both your options, and I think I would actually go with a third option that uses a little of both.

    Yellowstone is one of my favorite places on earth to visit, so I would certainly include it. I would probably do it near the beginning of your trip, however, because of the Weather. Even in the summer, it's still pretty cool/cold overnight, and by late September you will almost certainly be seeing overnight temperatures below freezing. There would also be the possibility of seeing snow, and many of the parks stores and services will be closed. Because of those things, I would go near the start of your trip.

    If you do decide to put Yellowstone later in your trip, you can still see the park, and you'd have the advantage of fewer crowds and could even be seeing some fall colors, but be ready for what works out to being winter camping.

    Now, when I just look at your two routes, I actually like your option of visiting Yellowstone after Grand Canyon, because it lets you go through Utah and Colorado, which have several amazing national parks, and it a wonderland for people who like camping and back country exploration. Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Monument Valley are just a few of the places in Utah that would become easy stops.

    So my Plan C would do a bit of both - although it would come at the expense of some of the Oregon and perhaps Northern California Coast. I would explore Seattle and the Northwest (including Portland if that is a priority for you) and then head east towards Yellowstone, possibly stopping at Glacier NP along the way. After Yellowstone and the Tetons, continue south into Utah, visiting some of the parks I mentioned, on the way to the Grand Canyon. Next, start heading back west to Vegas, Death Valley, and over the very scenic Tioga Pass into Yosemite. From there, you could either head to San Francisco, or zip farther north on I-5 to Redding or a wherever you'd like to cut back to the Coast. From there, head south down the coast to LA or San Diego, before making your way across to Florida via I-10 through Phoenix, Tucson, etc.

    Or since it looks like most of the stops you want to see are on the west cost, you could just do a big loop of the western US which should save you quite a bit of money on the rental car, and save New Orleans and Miami for another trip!

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