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    Default Beartooth, Chief Joseph, and Buffalo Bill byways of Wyoming

    I'm spending 5 days at YNP this coming August, and I had a question regarding the necessary time to drive a loop of the full Beartooth, backtrack to take Chief Joseph, and Buffalo Bill scenic byways. I'm basically just trying to see if this is reasonable to do in one day, starting and ending from the Canyon Village area of YNP, or would I have to plan to stay a night in either Red Lodge or Cody to split it up?

    In 2011 I made the drive from Bryce Canyon to Monument Valley, with stops at Goosenecks and Natural Bridges, in one day with no problems. So I am making the assumption that this drive should be about the same. Any thoughts?

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    I think you could make that loop in a day without too much difficulty.

    I did a day starting near Little Bighorn, touring the battlefield, stopping for groceries and supplies in Billings, over Beartooth, through the Lamar Valley and onto Canyon Campground in a day. It was a long day, we didn't get into camp until 9 or so, but we also stopped a lot to enjoy the views. I don't think your plan would be any longer than what I did.

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    Thanks for the reply. I guess the only concern I have is that google maps says the route I'm looking at is roughly 2.5 hours longer than yours, although I probably won't be spending as much time stopping as you did. I suppose I can just cough up the extra money to stay a night in Cody if I really need to. Thanks again for the help.

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    Your trip is a little longer, but I still think you can make it work.

    The drive through the Lamar Valley took up a pretty good chunk of my time, as that was the only time we were visiting that part of the park. If you've got time, I'd visit the lamar valley at a different point of your trip, so you can just focus on getting out to the Beartooth.

    The other option would be to actually reverse your order, and head towards Cody first, and come back through the Lamar Valley. Then, if you are running short on time you can just focus on driving back to the campground/lodge once you get back into Yellowstone. It does lose the Cody fallback, although you could have Red Lodge or Cooke City if you are really worried about it.

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    Thanks Michael. I think I am going to take your last advice and start out in the direction of Cody. I think that will work out a better timeline and give me the option of spending extra evening time in Lamar if possible. Thanks again.

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