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    I found this website yesterday while doing my research. I am still learning how to use all the tools and resources available on this wonderful site. I am a young woman planning to drive from Northern CA to Pittsboro, NC for a job and live with my sister. A chance for new opportunities. I will be traveling with my dog. I am looking for the safest route, and not really looking to stop for elongated sight seeing. However, I would really like to drive through some scenic area's. Places I would like to see are: More of Arizona, crossing I would be leaving in a couple weeks, so early April. I thought about the Northern route taking I-80, but I would rather avoid any snowy/icy conditions, so I am looking at more southern routes. I will be driving a 1997 Honda Accord. I have never been on a road trip past Colorado, and the long roads trips I have been on were never even mapped out, but played by ear. Each road trip I was the navigator and booked rooms along the way. I have to say all road trips went pretty smooth for being new to road trips and thrown into the navigating/drivers seat. Since I will be alone on this trip, I want to have a route mapped out ahead of time and destinations with hotels (dog friendly) already in place. I have never traveled like this alone, so I would like to keep it safe.

    Being from the West Coast, I really don't know whats out there past Utah/Colorado. My main goals are: I would like to enjoy Arizona as much as possible, cross the Mississippi in an ideal area, and see the mountains in Tennessee.

    This is only day two of my research, but here is a map I have been playing with, wondering if anyone would like to give me some feedback, tips, or recommendations. It would be very greatly appreciated!


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Since you're still in the early stages of working out your route, I won't get too specific with my recommendations, but the first thing I'd point you to is a RoadTrip Report on a trip I made a few years ago. The first leg of that trip, from Tucson to North Carolina, is somewhat similar to what you have planned and may give you some ideas for places you might want to include. But even before that, you'll be coming close enough to them that you might want to consider a slight detour to go through Oak Creek Canyon (AZ-89A south from Flagstaff) and explore some of the Red Rock country around Sedona.

    You don't say how much time you have for the trip, but at a shade over 3000 miles (so far!) and with the dog, you should allocate at least six days for the drive. A seventh day would be useful as well. Although the sites recommended here were intended to exercise humans of various ages on a long RoadTrip, they would work just as well in most cases for your four-legged companion, or at least give you an idea of how often and what types of places you can plan on stopping.


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