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    Default Montreal To Vancouver summer road trip

    Hi Everyone out there and thank you for helping out for my quest "coast to coast".
    First time i am travelling on this type of trip and hoping i can get some help or tips that would make my trip more enjoyable.

    This Summer im planning to drive my jeep from Montreal QC to Vancouver BC. As anybody done this kind of trip before? if yes what is the best route and best stops that would give me the best sight seeing (I'm going through USA).
    I am planning to do the crossing in about a week, any help is much appreciated!
    Thank you

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    This website is all about roadtrips, so certainly there is more than a little experience about a cross country trip. However, having said that, there is no generic "best route" or "best stops." It all depends upon what things you are interested in seeing and doing.

    Having said that, you need a solid 5-6 hard days of driving just to cover the miles, so your options for stops and sightseeing if you only have a week will be a little limited. You should be able to have a good trip, and make some enjoyable stops, but you won't have time to linger anywhere long.

    So having said that, what kinds of things are you interested in seeing/doing, and will this be a round trip?

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