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    Default Return visit May 2013

    In May 2010, we went from L A to Vegas, to Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce via Page and Kanab. Travelled up Hwy 89 to Salt Lake City, not stopping there and on to Jackson Hole. Had a look in Teton’s where we could. Snow and ice stopped us having good look. On to Yellowstone via the west entrance. Out the top and across to Portland and Salem, on to Lincoln City and down coast road to Redwoods. Went inland to Lassen County and then down to San Francisco.

    From there across to Yosemite and then back across to Monterey and Carmel by the Sea. From there down to L A via the coast road. 28 days in all. Had awesome time but need to go back and spend more time in some of those places while seeing a couple more. This time, we will be there 36 days starting from Friday the 3rd of May. We fly out again on Friday the 7th June.

    This time we will stay in L A the Friday night and maybe Saturday night. Im not keen on cities but it would be good to get a couple of bits and pieces while there. Less traffic at week end as well. We feel we need to do the areas where snow won’t be a problem so will do the bottom end first. Last time we went to Vegas first but for some reason the accommodation price’s are up so are thinking of heading straight for Grand Canyon turning right at Barstow. After Grand Canyon, on to Monument Valley, Moab and across to Bryce. Not sure about Zion at the moment. Loved it but somewhere has to miss out I think. Then on to Vegas.

    On way across from Moab, will stay a night at Panguitch at Bryce Canyon Motel. Last time we fell a sleep and missed out on telling lies around a campfire. Would have been a great experience. They still do this I was reading somewhere. After Las Vegas, we will Catch up with some great people we met last time over at Bryce. They live somewhere bit south of Cedar City. Salt Lake City next where my wife wants to check some buildings out. On to Jackson Hole and Tetons and hopefully get out that way and head for Cody. Yellowstone next, probably leaving from the west side and heading for Lassen County again. Relations from the 16th century there we want to see again. From there, down to San Francisco again and see Alcatraz . We missed out last time. Yosemite next and hopefully we may be lucky with Tioga pass. From there across to have a look at Hearst Castle. Got there to late in afternoon last time. On to Los Angeles. If we had time do a bus trip around there or go for a drive down San Diego way.

    L A 1 or 2 nights. Grand Canyon 2 nights there or nearby. Monument Valley 1 night. Moab 2 nights. Bryce Canyon 2 nights. Or nearby. Example Panguitch. Las Vegas 3 nights. Salt Lake City 1 night. Jackson Hole. 2 nights. Cody 2nights. Yellowstone 3 nights. San Francisco. 3 nights. Yosemite 1 or 2 nights. Hearst Castle. 1 night. Somewhere before or after.
    It is a possibility that we will see our Utah friends at Bryce again but we would like to spend a day or 2 with them just chin wagging. My long lost rallies up in Westwood, Lassen County are looking forward to catching up again as are we. They would like us to stay a few days so they can show us around. Be pretty awesome. Not sure if that will be more than 3 days though. They may do some travelling of there own and come down to S F when we do.
    I would really appreciate it if you kind RTA people could check this out and give me any advice. Maybe I should drop SF and may have to forget Yosemite for snow reasons. Looking forward to getting advice.
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    Default Sounds great !

    Hi Keith, it's good to see you here and planning for another visit !

    I have to go out in a moment but looking at your itinerary quickly, it looks well balanced and with enough time to catch up with friends. The later you can arrive to Yellowstone the better, Spring can come real late there and the park does not open fully until at least Mid May to beginning of June. [Check out YNP site for info]

    A quick thought was if it's possible to start in SF, go to Yosemite and then down the coast to LA and arrive later still to Yellowstone ?


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    Thanks Dave. We fly in to L A. I did try planning a trip where we went to Hearst castle first and then up to San Francisco. On to Westwood in Lassen County and across to the east and into Moab and then down to Monument Valley and Grand Canyon, Vegas and start climbing again to Bryce Canyon, Salt Lake, Jackson ect. Somehow i ran out of days lol. I also thought there would be even less chance of getting into Yosemite. As we wont be booking ahead except for the first night where we have to, we could certainly change it. Thanks again. We are really looking forward to trip.

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