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    Default Insurance for UK Vehicle

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum & hope I am posting my first question in the right place.

    We are planning a trip using our UK registered vehicle to enter America either by sea port on the Eastern side or Canada then travel west towards LA and then to ship our vehicle out to Australia to complete our trip.

    Can anyone advice me where I can obtain Third party insurance for our vehicle whilst in North America.

    Thanks Dave.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not 100% certain of a specific company that would work best. One of the issues is that while there are nationwide companies, and any policy you get should be valid in both the US and Canada, there are differences in rules and regulations in each state. Typically, you insure your car in the state where you'd have the car registered. I'm not sure if or how Canada is different.

    However, what I would do first in your situation is contact your insurance company in the UK. As long as you are keeping the UK registration, I would think they would be able to continue providing coverage - much like if you were taking your car throughout Europe. Obviously, you need to check with them to be sure, but I think that is likely going to be your easiest option.

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    Default Try your home company first.

    There are a couple of road trippers with whom I have spoken, who brought their car over from Downunder. In each case their original insurance company covered them for the trip.

    However, with you going on to Australia (will you be going back to the UK after that), a UK company may not cover that. If you find that is the case, the first place I would make enquiries is with the International department at the AAA (or the Canadian equivalent).

    Let us know if you have success with any of these. If not, I may have another (very expensive) option for you.


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    Thanks Guys, all advice is useful.


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