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  1. Default Los Angels - Denver in march

    Dear all,

    I stumbled on your forum and I am hoping to get some advice to get our trip planning started. thank you in advance
    for any useful tips.

    We are planning a semi-lastminute RV roadtrip through the southwest USA. There a couple of dilemmas we have to deal with and i am
    hoping some of the experience campers could help us with.

    We are a family of 4 (2 adults, 5 year old and 3 year old).

    We arrive in Los Angeles middle of March. And return from Denver to the Netherlands middle of April.

    We have 4 days until we pick up our RV in Los Angeles.
    Our initial planning was to use these days to visit Las Vegas and continue from there. But sadly they didnt have any oneways available anymore. My wife and I both visited this part of USA already and did the big highlights in the past (Grand Canyon, Death Valley) so as these are not a must it would be great if we could take them along in the trip.

    Now we have 4 days to spend in Los Angeles and thereafter continue on our 21 day RV trip to Denver.

    I have studied for a while in Tucson which would be nice to visit on our trip. But we are not sure if we would plan the trip around that. Advantage would be the nicer weather this time of year. This would require to turn of to the south quite early and maybe miss out on all the good things in the North.
    I was looking at the LA - Phoenix - Tucson - Alburquerque - Denver route. Is anybody familiar with this route and can give me some advise if its good or not.
    Alternatively we could go LA - Phoenix -Tucson - Phoenix - Flagstaff and continue up north from there.
    Last Alternative would be to skip Tucson and do the northerly route.
    I would be greatful on any advise.

    We would really like to visit Las Vegas on our trip. But I am a little taken back by the fact doing that per RV. I read about some in city RV parks. We might use the initial four days to make a quick road trip to Las Vegas and back.

    As we have young children we would like to limit our RV driving to ensure we can have multiple night stopovers if we encouter a nice spot.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Welcome to RTA!

    There is a lot to see and do in the LA area, from Disneyland/California Adventure, Hollywood, other theme parks (Six Flags California Magic Mountain, Universal Studios), and of course world class museums. You can easily fill 4 days. The issue will be parking the RV! Perhaps you can pick it up on your last day, and rent a car for the first few days?

    Tucson will likely have beautiful weather this month. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is fabulous, and the Saguaro National Monument (Park?) is right next to it. The boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB is reputed to be wonderful, though frankly I have never been. (It is on my husband's list of places to go.)

    Phoenix also has beautiful weather. There's the Superstition Mountains, the Heard Museum, a boat cruise on Canyon Lake, Frank Lloyd Wright house, shopping in Scottsdale (which may not appeal to the kids), and more.

    Albuquerque has pueblo tours, the tram up the mountain, petroglyph monument, and a fabulous museum about nuclear science. A friend of mine says it's a pretty good zoo and arboretum, too, but once again, its his opinion.

    The routes from LA to Phoenix (I-10) to Tucson are fine -- just keep an eye on the weather. Same with I-25 up to Albuquerque and Denver...especially that route, as it gets into higher elevations between ABQ and Colorado Springs.

    Going north from Flagstaff may be a problem -- 89 up to Page is closed for the next few months. Traffic is routed 45 miles around a huge break in the pavement.



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    Default Some thoughts.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have a nice amount of time to have a wonderful trip between LA and Denver and you could mix things up quite a bit between north and south options.

    To start with, if you want to visit Vegas, 2 of the main RV choices would be Circus Circus on the Strip which is more of a parking lot, or you have the Oasis RV resort that is a cab ride away from the Strip [I'm out of date, but around $20, possibly with tip]. The Oasis is a lovely RV resort and the Kids will love the pools and is the one we opted for. Driving across Death valley and spending the night there on route to Vegas is a wonderful opportunity, as it's far to hot in the summer and RV rental Co's ban you from entering during those summer months.

    The weather is a major consideration yet totally unpredictable. The daytime temps in Zion NP in Utah [amazing !] at the moment are around 58F, but by the weekend there is a chance of snow showers with temps hovering above freezing during the day and below at night. At high elevation locations like Bryce canyon the temps can be much colder and there is a higher risk of heavier snow, in contrast Moab [Arches and Canyonlands NP] in Utah are forecast to be around 60F in 10 days time and would make a good base for some exploring. You could visit Page AZ [Lake Powell, Antelope canyon, Glen canyon] and Monument valley, Canyon De Chelley which can be warmer. You can use the Weather channel to keep up to date with things. and the good thing about travelling this time of year is that you don't have to book everything so you can wander as you please.

    If you venture into colder areas overnight you are going to have to make sure it's not cold enough to freeze the water pipes in your RV as this can cause damage for which you would be responsible for cost. If this becomes an issue you would need to drain the tanks off until you see warmer weather, campground attendants are used to this and are usually willing to offer advice as to whether it is needed or not.

    There are so many great sites to visit and what I would suggest you do is continue to research and study the map and mark of what you would like to see and then see how things unfold. Read around the forums [use the search function or scroll down this page for 'Similar threads' and repeat as many times as you want] and the trip planning pages in the tool bars above, where you will find the RTA mapping programs for routes and attractions selected by RTA contributors, a whole section on RV travel and much, much more !

    This thread is an RV trip we took out of season from Denver and will give you some idea of travelling in an RV through the Four corners region.

    If you have other questions, don't hesitate to ask !

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    We have stayed at Circusland RV park (the one attached to Circus Circus). Dave is right, it's a big parking lot with hookups and a pool available. Not much grass at all, that's for sure. However, it does have an advantage, or at least it did when we were there: a shuttle runs through the RV park which will take you to the hotel. From the hotel you can pick up the Strip Shuttle, bus or taxi to any other casino. We found Circusland to be good for us since we had teens with us and they could go to the theme park or up to CC's excellent video game arcade (which I'm told is still one of the best on the Strip).


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