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  1. Default carrying money accross USA

    What in your opinion seems to be the best way to carry money in the USA while travelling?
    I'm doing a road trip from vegas to miami.

    I was thinking as america is a top notch country, i don't need anything special just my credit card, normal eftpos card and some cash on me.

    And leave fresh spare cards at home and if i lose my originals i can get them express posted from Austrlia and only take a few days.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    I'll also get a bit of cash at the airport to save hassle:)

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    Default Foreign currency cash cards.

    Rather than carrying a large sum of cash, you can now get a card which you can load with foreign currency, at the exchange rate of the day when you load it. I know most banks have them. I have met Aussies who had up to 10K on a card. These cards can be used at ATMs in the US, and at points of sale. No fees, but you need to be aware that the terminal you use does not add fees. Basically the same as an eftpos card, except it can cost a lot to use your debit or credit card overseas. Fees are bank dependent.

    I wouldn't let too much grass grow before getting the US dollars. It's not heading in the right direction right now.

    (You can also put multiple currencies on the one card. I think it was Travelex at Tullamarine who gave me a brochure which mentioned you could load up to 10 different currencies.)


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    I have a American Express Travel Card that I got from the Post Office and been adding to it when I save a bit. I have about 10K in US currency on it.Some is leftovers from 2011 trip. After Paying for the van on it I plan on running it dry before using our own savings accounts,
    You can also buy US cash at the post office. I will probably get a little bit when the rate is right.
    Dont use the exchange at the Airport in Sydney as the rate is normally poor.

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    thanks guys:)

    yeh i just saw the major banks do travel cards and you can load up to 10 major currencies.

    God it would be annoying to lose your wallet while travelling overseas!

    Yep lifey hopefully i can buy some US currency soon. livig in the bush doesn't help and just started putting money away!

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    I have a citibank debit card that I use for travelling. It has no foreign currency conversion fees and no ATM fees (unless the overseas bank charges one). The 28 degrees credit card is another one with no fees. I don't use this card in Australia, it is used purely for travelling and I just go online to transfer money over from my normal bank accounts which are with a different bank.

    The travel cards have too many fees for my liking.

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