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  1. Default planning a summer trip from miami to yellowstone

    My wife, my sons 15 abd 17 and I are planning a trip to Yellowstone, leaving Miami on July 12th by car with a pop up trailer, I need help I googled the trip and I will be driving throught GA. TN. KY TO WY is that the best way? we are planing to get there to in three to four days, all of us have driver licenses and the kids could help on the driving. We need to know of good camping places where we could spend the night and which places to visit on the way up. Howmany days should we spend in yellowstone and what places to visit there and on the way down we would like to visit the grand canyon, texas and back to Miami by July 21st. please help me plan my trip since we have been talking and saving for this trip for over 2 years.
    The budget for this trip including gas is 3000. thacar is a nissan murano 2 wheel drive. I dont know what other information to post to plan this trip.


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    Default time is not on your side

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The route that google comes up with is going to be the most direct/fastest route. If your goal is just to get there as fast as possible, then it would probably be the best route. Having said that, you're looking at a minimum of 4 very hard days, and 5 would really be more recommended to get there. At 4 days, you'd be looking at having to be on the road for more than 12 hours a day, and likely longer considering you'll need to drive slower while pulling your camper. Even with multiple drivers, that's the most you should do, and even that is going to be pushing it since you'll need to find campgrounds along the way and have time to set up. With 5 days it would still be long days on the road, but it won't feel quite so much like work.

    Now there are lots of other options, you could detour up to South Dakota, and check out the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, and the Black Hills - and potentially enter Yellowstone via the Beartooth Highway. You could also head across to Colorado, perhaps check out Rocky Mountain NP or other attractions in the state, before heading north into Wyoming.

    In my book, 2-3 days is the minimum amount of time you need to really see the high points of Yellowstone. More is great, but any less, and there will be big parts of the park you just won't have time to get to. Another day would also be good if you want to include the Tetons.

    Your big problem really is time. 10 days just isn't much time for this trip. At 4 days of driving each way, that only leaves you 2 days in the park, and that doesn't include time for extra driving to get to the Grand Canyon or Texas on the way home. Going back via the Grand Canyon would add another 700 miles - or an entire day and a half of extra driving.

    So basically, driving a loop from Miami, to Yellowstone, down to the Grand Canyon, and back home would take up all of your available time, without leaving any extra to actually see these parks. It could be done, but all you would be doing is staring out car windows every day for 10 days, and I don't think you'd find it to be much fun.

    That means I think you need to find a way to add more time - really a full extra week would be my suggestion - or perhaps look for a destination closer to home. Even just going to the Grand Canyon and the 4 corners area would be much more manageable, although still packed full, with just 10 available days.

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    I have a total of 16 days for the trip

    Thank you for the reply
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    We drove straight to Yellowstone from KY a couple years ago. It took about 3 days for us in a car, so Michael's 4-5 day recommendation from FL sounds right.

    Day 1 got us from KY to just north of Kansas City, MO. We camped at a state park along the river. Day 2 got us from western MO to far eastern WY (camped at Guernsey State Park...highly recommended, very scenic - just don't camp on the side with the railroad tracks). Day 3 got us from Guernsey to Cody in mid-afternoon. We stayed overnight in Cody and then drove into Yellowstone the following day (Day 4).

    Hope that's somewhat helpful!

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    Thank you guys, What I'm hoping is to find out in those 4 days trip where to stay, nicest camp ground on my way up, also which places to visit, how to make the best of my 16 days trip

    Thanks againg

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    It would really be more helpful if you could tell us more about your plans at this point. You previously said you had from July 12-21, but now say you've got 16 days.

    Are you still planning to visit the Grand Canyon? Are you just going to sprint to Yellowstone, and you don't want to see anything else along the way? Has anything else about your trip plan changed?

    I'll tell you, while 4 days is the bare minimum you can get to Yellowstone safely, it is again NOT something I would recommend, especially while pulling a trailer. It will require you to be on the road for 12+ hours a day, for each of those 4 days, with no extra time available for anything resembling a fun stop. It will take every bit of time you've got in the day to cover the miles, find a campground, and then set-up/tear down camp.

    If you go that route, however, I'd say you need to be looking for spots to camp between Macon and Atlanta GA, Northwest of St. Louis, and near Ogallala Nebraska. Obviously, with a camper, looking for places outside of cities is actually what you are looking for, so those are benchmark places to look for campgrounds that fit your style and needs.

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