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    I had recently moved to Boston for a bit of a change of scene, but after spending 10 years together my lovely boyfriend thinks that he can "do well" with women here and wants to shag about a bit=total jerk
    Soo instead of heading home I have decided that I may as well make the most of my visa and see a bit of the country!!

    I am a 28 year old female and have never done the backpacking thing before, so am a bit nervous about going alone, but understandably none of my friends are able to just drop everything and take a couple months off! I was wandering if anyone has any advice on women travelling alone with regards to safety etc?!

    or if anyone wants to join me?! Road trip!!!! Im happy for either female or male companions, just anyone that is up for having a good time!
    I have done a bit of research and it looks like hiring a car is the best way to get around, and am more than happy to stay in hostels/camp etc. But other than leaving from Boston I have no plans as to where to go/what to see etc-there is just so much to do!! Im thinking of maybe going until around June, so plenty time for anyone to ride share for a few weeks or even the whole time! Id ideally like to leave in the next week or so, although it might be a bit longer to sort out money etc, so if you or anyone is around this area and is thinking of travelling too then let me know-I know its an offchance as its so short notice but obv I was not planning this before!!

    ps. dont worry im not going to break down and start sobbing or anything-he really doesnt deserve it!! fun times to be had!!
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    Default Solo can be safe

    Can't help you with the company part of your request, but wish you the very best in finding a roadtrip companion.

    As far as safety goes, make sure you practice the same measures as you do at home. Be aware of your surroundings. If it doesn't feel right, move on. Let your inner instinct be your guide. Be aware that company per se, does not equal safety. It is up to you.

    As a solo (female) traveller, I love staying at hostels and always make sure that the rooms have smoke detectors or a sprinkler system. Make sure that the exits are clear and easily accessible. (That goes for hotels/motels as well.) Ensure that each bed is allocated a locker for valuables. Make sure it is a locker which you lock with your own padlock. Do not use lockers which need a coin to operate them. These are not always secure. If you are going to camp, make sure it is at campgrounds which have a camp host or onsite manager.

    Finally, don't, no matter how lonely you feel, pick up hitchhikers.

    Here is an article with tips for solo roadtrippers.


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