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    Default 6 Week trip, Advice needed.

    I recently restored my 1994 Cherokee 4x4, and I have decided what better way to break in my new toy than to take it cross country?
    So, I am planning a trip westward for the summer, and I have come up with a few cities I would like to stop in, and would like to get the advice of some folks who are more experience with road trips, about whether my destinations are realistic for a 6 week long trip. I'd also love any recommendations as to some good places to stop, I'd like to find a few places we could unload the ATVs and do some riding.

    Starting in Raleigh, NC
    Chicago(return trip)
    St. Louis
    San Antonio
    Seattle(return trip)
    San Fransisco

    P.S. There will be 3 cars making this trip all 4x4, planning on camping through the entire trip.
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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Six weeks gives you a great amount of time to fit in all the places you have on your list. I wouldn't worry too much about time when you have that to spare, it seems. As far as ATV riding, I'm not the best source for that. Hopefully one of our other members will have more information for you in that regard. A quick search shows that there are several Army Corps of Engineer trails available in various areas about the country for that purpose.

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    I agree with Tim, 6 weeks is a nice amount of time for a trip like this, and you should be able to make things work nicely. Is this a round trip though? It looks like you've got things laid out like a one way trip, ending in California. If you've got to go home too, then it will make a lot more sense to make a big loop rather than zig-zag north and south and then driving straight back.

    The one thing that really seems odd to me, however, is that this is a trip where you are talking about taking pickup trucks, ATVs, and doing some camping. Yet, with the exception of Yosemite and Yellowstone, the only places you've listed are cities. Now there is nothing wrong with touring cities, but they aren't the easiest places to camp or ride an ATV! Based on how you've presented your trip, I would think this is a trip where you spend very little time in cities, except for the few where you've got some specific things you want to see.

    I'm not an ATVer myself, but the first place I would be looking at is National Forest and BLM lands, which I think you'll find lots of opportunities for that kind of recreation. National Parks are going to be very limiting on where you can drive off road, but the National Forest are much less restrictive and many will have lots of trails and rugged roads that will be perfect for an ATV.

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    I'm not planning on spending a lot of time in the cities, but putting the cities is the best way to show my route that I'm thinking of. I was hoping for some help maybe in picking out the NP and off roading areas I could stop at along the route. I'm not planning on spending more than perhaps a day or 2 in each of the cities, with the majority of my non travel time spent in NP, NF or on isolated roads(like black bear pass or something along those lines).

    Chicago and Seattle are stops to visit family. So I'll take them out, and save them for the return trip, it is much less zig zaggy.
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    So, after doing some research I have come up with a different set of destinations, would like to see what everybody's opinion is on these(are they worth the stop? do i need to devote a lot of time to each one?).

    Great Smoky Mountain National Park
    Mammoth Cave
    Isle Royale
    Badlands National Park
    Grand Teton
    Glacier National Park
    Mount Rainier
    Yosemite/King Canyon/Sequoia
    Grand Canyon
    Monument Valley
    Mesa Verde
    Carlsbad Caverns

    These are just the musts my friends and i have come up with. We have all managed to scrounge up 2 more weeks of time, so we are now at an 8 week limit.

    Now that we have a larger list we are wondering if we can realistically see all of these, and work in some stops along the way. What do you guys think?

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    I've been to the vast majority of places on that new list. The ones that I haven't been (Isle Royale, Carlsbad Caverns, and Great Smoky Mountain NP) are on my "to do SOON" list. I would recommend those places to anyone, even Chicago. :-) BTW, if you're near Badlands, you may as well take an hour or two and stop at Mt Rushmore.

    What I do, when I have a list of places we want to stop at, and a given time frame, I start doing the planning. I figure I can always cut back (or add) if I need to do so. Driving would be about 450-500 miles per day if camping, since it takes time to set up and tear down the campsite. I would plan on at least one full day at every national park, three for Yellowstone. Realize that Yosemite, Sequoia/Kings Canyon look close on paper but actually are around 170-200 miles of driving between them (depending on which route you use).

    Once you get this plan on paper and it looks like it's going to work, bring it to us and we'll check it over. You'll also want to be thinking about camping reservations in the more well-known national parks (which are most of the ones you mention).


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    Isle Royale is a bit of the odd ball, as it is not just a park you can drive to. It really is an island out in Lake Superior and it requires a several hour, and rather expensive, ferry ride either from Michigan's UP or the Minnesota's North Shore.

    Having said that, both the UP and the North Shore are two of my favorite places for a getaway with lots of things to do in both areas without going all the way out to Isle Royale. There are also lots of ATV trails in both of those areas, which of course double as Snowmobile trails in the winter months.

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