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  1. Default chicago to bellingham.............march 18th 2013 to 29th please.....

    Hi there could somebody please assist with some good advice regarding a road trip in a 30ft rv from chicago to bellingham in 12 days from march the 15th 2013 to 29th march, I am commited to undertaking this trip during these dates, I am also a visitor from the UK, and would like to see some real american history without busting a gut to get there, also some advice of what type of campgrounds to look out for/source etc etc.there will be just me and the long haired general (wife) could some kind soul / fellow traveller assist in either recommending a route or some tips......many many thanks rob...............

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The first and most important question: Which "Bellingham" are you heading to? I'm guessing Washington State, but there are several other cities with that name in the US.

    If that is your plan, you should know that mid-March could be a tricky time of year to do this trip in an RV. It is still going to be quite cold overnight, likely below freezing, which means you'll probably have to keep it winterized, and will be unable to use the water tanks. You may also struggle to find open campgrounds at times. What is your reason for going by RV? Going by car/motel could very well be more comfortable at this time of year, and it will certainly be cheaper.

    There are lots of potential things to stop and see, but if you could clarify the details of your trip first, it would be a big help.

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    Hi michael, and thanks for the reply, we are delivering a rv from the manufacturers to bellingham just inside the us border before going to a wedding in vancouver on the 30th april, we have also got a fantastic rate for the hire of the rv, and work restrictions in the UK dictate that we do the journey on these dates, we would like to see the great eye candy of the US and enjoy the trip as much as possible, so any advice would be great, the advice that I have been given so far is to travel from chicago to cedar rapids 1 x night, then onto sioux falls 1 x night, 1 x night in pierre, rapid city 2 x nights, 1 x night billings MT, 2 x nights gardiner MT, 2 x night missoula, 2 x nights spokane, then onto bellingham.....what do you think would we see some history on the way? or any suggestion you might have would be very much appreciate.....regards and best wishes rob....

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    Default lots of history

    The great thing about history, is that you can find it almost anywhere in the US.

    Here are a few suggestion:

    Instead of heading to Cedar Rapid, take I-90 and US-20 across Illinois, which will take you past Freeport (Home of a Lincoln Douglas Debate) and Galena, (Home to Civil War General and President Grant's Home). Once you get to Dubuque, head up the Great River Road, going past Effigy Mounds National Monument, and then eventually take I-90 across Minnesota.

    Once you get to South Dakota, there are lots of Lewis and Clark related sites along the Missouri River, including a nice little museum right at the rest area on I-90.

    The badlands and black hills are both very scenic and have lots of historical value.

    I-90 will take you right past the Little Bighorn Battlefield as you get into Montana, and while must of the park will not be accessible, I would still highly recommend detouring down to Yellowstone, where you'll be able to see the Mammoth Hot Springs area and potentially the Lamar Valley, even though roads to the rest of the park will still be closed.

    Make sure to check out the RTA Map Center, which has info on a lot of those attractions and a lot more things you might be interested in along the way.

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    many many thanks michael for the advice, where do you reccomend we stay as some people have said that a majority of the rv parks will be closed, or do we just take it as it comes?? many thanks rob......

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    I wouldn't think you would have to prebook campsites at this time of year, but the challenge will be finding open sites.

    If I were in your shoes, I think I would be researching the entire route for year-round campgrounds and make note of them so you know places you can target when you are getting ready to stop for the day. A campground guide, like Woodalls, would be very valuable for something like this.

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