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    Just starting my planning for our trip this summer. From Houston to Anaheim (disney land). I was hoping to go up to I-40 and see some Route 66 stops along the way. Has anyone made this trip? Just found this site, so thanks for any help you can give.

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    As long as you realize that "Route 66" is not the most direct route from Houston to Los Angeles and that "Route 66" no longer exists in any event, using I-40 as part of your RoadTrip can certainly work. Stringing together routes like US-290, US-183, TX-153, TX-70 and US-84 to Santa Rosa NM will put you on I-40 in eastern New Mexico, and set you up for possible stops at Petroglyph National Monument outside Albuquerque, Petrified Forest National Park and Meteor Crater in northeastern Arizona, and the Grand Canyon should you be of a mind for a little detour between Flagstaff and Williams. Just west of there you'd get your chance to drive the longest remaining stretch of what used to be US-66 (now marked as AZ-66) from Seligman through Peach Springs to Kingman where you'd rejoin I-40. In California you'd pass along the southern border of the Mojave National Preserve before joining I-15 for the run into Anaheim.

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    Default Part of out 3013 Road Trip


    This road trip is part of our Road Trip this year .The first leg is from Los Angeles to New Oleans.
    We plan to follow parts of the old Route 66. Not driving the road, as said it doesnt exist in alot of places, but mainly checking out some of the old towns etc that still exist on the route.

    We could get there quicker but we want to travel most of the old road as we can. Every time someone mentions Route 666 I have to have a look to see what else there is to check out.

    We plan on travelling from Chicago back to Albuquerque to comple the full route.

    You know for something that doesnt exist anymore. There is a hell of a lot of people doing it or in the stages of planning a trip along Old Route 66.

    I just finished reading Billy Connollys book and watching his DVDs Im sure they will inspire people from all over the world to look for the Mother Road.

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    In Flagstaff, get on 89A and follow the signs to the train depot. You'll find yourself on "Historic Route 66" and see some buildings, etc., that were there in the Route 66's hey-dey.


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    Default On of the best resources is here.

    For anyone planning to get the best out of a 'route 66' adventure, RTA has put together a list of great resources here.

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    Thanks, this is the kind of thing I was looking for. I appreciate everyone's help

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