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  1. Default Summer Vacation planning on a motorcycle from Iowa to Grand Canyon

    Hi All!

    There are a few of us couples planning to ride our goldwings from Iowa to the Grand Canyon. If you have suggestions of great roads, places to stay (we are frugal here, clean and simple, don't need a bunch of amenities), we like Mom and Pop motels and restaurants, let us know of special roads to play on and special sites to stop and see, any special Kodak Moments, please respond or email me directly!

    Oh, and I am a little weird, but I want to get in as many states as possible, and we will have 10 days.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are actually a number of historic and scenic routes that you can file beginning with US-30 through Nebraska. This follows the alignment of the Oregon Trail and the Lincoln Highway along the Platte River, as well as allowing you to switch back and forth between it and I-80 as your need for speed and your desire see some towns and sites dictate. You'd then follow the South Platte on I-76 or US-138 down toward Denver.

    Next, although I-70 is certainly a scenic way to cross the Rockies, I think you should take a look at using US-285 out of Denver to head south to Del Norte and pick up US-160 through the San Juan National Forest, over Wolf Creek Pass and past Mesa Verde National Park on your way to Cortez. Just before leaving Colorado, take CO-41/UT-162 over to US-163 down through Monument Valley and on to the Grand Canyon.

    If that doesn't suit you there are other ways to go, just let us know exactly where in Iowa you're starting from (It does make a difference!) and what other interests you and your companions may have.


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    In Colorado Highway 14 from Fort Collins to Walden is a lovely winding road next to a river and over a 10,300' pass. Very scenic.

    From Walden to Grandby is Co 125 a delicious wide but winding scenic mountain road to take you to the south from Walden.

    National Forest campgrounds are easily available on the route.

    Be sure and bring rain and warm gear for hail/thunderstorms up in the high country. Even in August the air temp goes to about 40F in the t-storms.

    Silliest motorcycle thing I've seen was a group of helmetless Harley riders stopped on the road shoulder in Rocky Mountain National Park at about 12,000' with their jackets pulled up over their heads in a hailstorm. I've ridden in hail and while it's not fun even with helmet, gloves and raingear at least one can proceed to look for shelter.

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    From the north rim.....if you want a day of off road (hard packed gravel....60 miles one the most beautiful place to see the Grand Canyon from....Toroweap.....

    You will never forget it....leave early in the morning to make it a day trip or plan on camping overnight....utah4.jpg

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    Default wish list

    Welcome to the rta forum, gecko!

    Toroweap is very high on my list of places I really want to visit. How is are the road conditions? The NPS website seems to make it sound like a pretty challenging drive but I've wondered if they are really that bad.

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    Default On my list as well.

    Doubt if it would be any more challenging than the road to Yellowknife, or the Haul Road. I too have been looking at, and collecting information on this route and site for some years. From the pictures, the effort looks worth it.


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    Default Better take a spare > spare tyre !

    It says 1 in 4 motorists have at least one puncture and towing ain't cheap !

    Twenty-five percent of visitors experience one or more flat tires. Dangerous curves are often unmarked, and posted mileages may be inaccurate. Cell phone coverage is spotty or nonexistent in this area. Since there are few, if any, year-round residents, assistance is not guaranteed on any route. For these reasons, no one should attempt the trip without ample preparation and knowledge of the hazards associated with remote desert travel. Travelers should carry:

    • Extra water, food, and gasoline;

    • Good tires including at least one usable spare;

    • and parts, tools, and knowledge to handle vehicle and tire repairs including tire plugs and a portable air compressor.

    A tow costs $1,000 - $2,000.
    It looks amazing mind !

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