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    There is a film festival I was invited to in Los Angeles and I was thinking of taking a plane to LA and driving back to Miami via road trip. I will be traveling with my Girlfriend and another friend. This will be the first time traveling cross country on car, and I am coming here for advice. My longest road trip was from Miami to New York. I have a couple of questions. Please bare with me as I am new to this and what my seem like commons sense isn't at times.

    1) How do car rentals work? Can I rent in LA and return in Miami? I'm pretty sure I can, just want to verify.

    2) We plan on sight seeing within a 10 day period. What are some routes we can take that are interesting yet wouldn't delay us that much? We are planning on doing Las Vegas, and The Grand Canyon so far. Any other interesting sights. We would also like to stop in Texas.

    3) How does lodging work? I'm interested in something better than a road side motel unless necessary. Maybe a nice breakfast and bed to someone that rents out rooms in a big house? Do those exists anymore? Any recommendations?

    4) What happens if you're pulled over? How do you deal with cops if you're not from the state?

    5) How safe is it?

    6) How much comfort is needed for 3 people? Four door sedan or larger?

    I just found out about this site and intend to use the resources to answer my own questions. But I wouldn't mind some in life experience answers from real people.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    1] Yes you can do a one way rental, but you will most likely be charged a one way drop off fee. Costs can vary so research your options for the best deal.

    2] You would have hundreds of different route combinations to choose from and thousands of interesting places. The best bet is to keep researching by reading around the RTA site and studying a good map and see what appeals. From the Grand canyon south rim you could be in Miami in 4 to 4.5 days at a reasonable pace. Once you figured out on how long you want to spend up to visiting the GC, you can work on the things that interest you on the way home.

    3] There are a wide and varied selection of Hotels and Motels so there shouldn't be any problem finding something to accomodate you. B&B's/Mom and Pop Hotels are rarer and usually a little more expensive than a chain. Once you figured where you are heading you can work on lodging options in those areas. The RTA car/hotel browser to the right of this page is a good place to start to get a general idea of costs.

    4] Deal with them like you would anyone else, unless you are generally rude ! lol. Just be polite and be prepared to show them ID/drivers liscence and have your rental contract to hand. They will soon tell you why they have stopped you but the best thing to do is keep within the law and don't give them a reason to stop you in the first place.

    5] Extremely, with common sense. Everywhere is someone's home town where families are raised and business's operate. Many places have a 'wrong part of town' and your 'inbuilt radar' will pick up on that as it would at home. If something doesn't feel right then move on, but usually it's much much harder to find trouble than it is to avoid it.

    6] A midsize 4 door Sedan should more than do the job and be comfortable. Sure you can go up in class, but it will cost more to rent and in gas usually.

    Get the map out and work on where you want to go and then if you need help with filling ib the blanks, just ask.

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