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Thread: Vegas to Miami

  1. Default Vegas to Miami

    G'day everyone!

    I've already booked a camper-van for the 5th jan 2014 from Vegas to drop off in Miami on the 4th feb.

    Looking at living my dream and doing a roadtrip!

    I want to stay in some national parks, camping spots.

    Going from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, through Arizona, stop in Dallas, Austin and Houston for a couple nights each. Continue on rough to New Orleans for a couple nights stay. Then up through Mississippi for a couple nights, through to Memphis, across to Alabama. Through to Georgia then the final decent to Florida along its east coast.

    After costs for campervan I should have about8-10 grand for the trip.... Should that be enough? Or am I over saving?

    Is there any absolute unforgettable stops along the way I'd cant miss?

    Cheers for any help what so ever!

    Aussie on the roads of USA will be quite the adventure!

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    Default You won't be the only Aussie.

    Hi, and welcome to the Great American RoadTrip forum.

    Aussie on the road in the US sure is an adventure, an adventure of which I never tire. But you won't be alone. You will probably run into lots of Aussies. What, with the dollar the way it is, the place is crawling with them. LOL (I take it you have started stocking up on currency. Definitely worth it. You never know how long it is going to last.)

    A month is a nice bit of time to make that trip, and you have a nice budget to work with. (Wish mine was that much for my six months.) But be aware, especially while you are in the western half of the country, you could strike winter weather. Going over the Rockies you will be travelling at significantly higher altitudes than any road at home, and many of them do from time to time see winter weather. Don't let it discourage you. It is not a deal breaker, but you do need to be aware of it.

    Before you head out to the Grand Canyon from LV, I would suggest that you make a trip to Death Valley. It is a place like none on earth, and in January should be most pleasant for camping. I have only been there in summer, when it is far too hot to consider even a short hike.

    There are thousands of other attractions along you route, as well as many different routes. You could, for instance, check out Monument Valley, the 4 Courners area (very touristy) and Mesa Verda, a historically significant NP. Southern Colorado is also an option.

    But by far the best you can do right now is get a large, wall sized map of the US, and check out the attractions along the way. I like the National Geographics Map for all the detail it has regarding national parks and forests. Or you might choose to purchase a road atlas, such as the Rand McNally.

    One other detail you may like to make note of.... you don't say which State you are in, but if you are a member of the RACV, NRMA or similar, make sure you take that membership with you. It will give you access to free maps and tourist information from the AAA.

    Enjoy the planning.


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    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Lol I thought so! Aussies love the USA so I hear:)

    No I haven't just yet but I may start getting some now!

    True I forth knew the winter could play havoc, but jus gotta deal with what the country throws at ya!

    I forgot about Death Valley! I'll have to find out how far away from Vegas it is.

    Thanks for all your help, I may even extend the roadtrip by 5 days now!

    Cheers lifey

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    Death Valley is only a couple hours from LV. Take NV-160 west out of LV to Pahrump, go through town, and turn left on Bell Vista Avenue, take that to Death Valley Junction, turn right on CA-127 then an immediate left on CA-190. This will take you into the park. You will need to stop at the visitor's center at Furnace Creek to pay the $20 admission fee or purchase a yearly pass for all National Parks for $80. Note that these fees are only for admission, it does not cover camping or any other incidentals.

    The annual pass usually pays for itself if you visit 4 or more major parks. The admission without a pass at the Grand Canyon is $25.

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    Thanks:) I will be sure to add that to the trip now after looking into it! Also just extended my trip by another 5 days:)

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    Default This and That, Here and There

    With a trip as long as yours, both in miles and time, you will have the time to see the major sights that pretty much anyone can list out. But you'll also have time to take some back roads and poke into some places that the typically rushed tourist never sees or enjoys. With that in mind, let me just suggest some spots that you should at least look into that are at least roughly on your indicated line of march.

    Lifey's suggestion for sites in the Four Corners area is spot on. I spent a week there with my grandsons a few years back and everyone (three generations) loved it. What should work is a drive up through Monument Valley, then over to Mesa Verde and down to Canyon de Chelly and the Petrified Forest before heading east on I-40. Outside Albuquerque, visit Petroglyph National Monument, and you might want to consider a little detour up through Santa Fe and Taos. Near Amarillo, there's the Cadillac Ranch where you are encouraged to add your own graffiti to the evolving artwork. Between Houston and New Orleans, I'd encourage you to travel some of the back roads of the Creole Nature Trail. On your way up to Memphis try heading first to Natchez to visit some antebellum plantations and then use the Natchez Trace Parkway to Jackson before picking up I-55. On your way east through northern Mississippi you might want to consider a stop in Tupelo to visit Elvis' birthplace. There are a few spots in southwestern Georgia to consider as well including FDR's Little White House and Andersonville Prison. Then in southeastern Georgia, on your way to the coast, Okefenokee Swamp is a unique ecosystem. And finally, heading down the east coast of Florida, Kennedy Space Center is certainly worthy of a visit.

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    Thanks buddy!

    I'm in the process of mapping it all out but I mig wait until I get to Vegas to sit down and plan it all out a couple days before I hit the road:)

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    Default A couple more ideas.

    Sounds like a great idea. By then you should have been able to get all the maps you need from the AAA. Together with online resources, you should be able to plan to see / visit everything which interests you.

    Something else you might like to think about, and which I do every trip is, get yourself an Australian flag to put in the rear window of your camper. Mine is a cloth flag about 20cm x 30cm. Especially for a sole traveller, it is a great conversation starter. Wearing a flag pin can have the same effect. I have at times had Viet veterans waiting by my car when I got back to it, eager and keen to tell me about the Australians with whom they fought in Vietnam. Other times ex-pats have made themselves known to me. Sometimes I am invited out for a meal or a cuppa, other times we just stand and talk for ages.

    Another thing which is appreciated by those with whom you meet, is to have a small gift for them. I carry a selection of souvenir pins, tiny koalas/kangaroos, pens, keyrings, tiny boomerangs, postcards, etc. It all helps to make your trip so much more memorable.


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    That is a fantastic idea! I wanted to have a flag out the window but didn't want to draw attention to the fact I'm a tourist for the dodgy people. But the campervan I've got booked is a very decorated loud colour. Like the wicked vans here in Australia. Great idea though, I'm pretty sure you can pick up cheap pins and pens!

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    Default Escape Vans?

    So I take it you are going with Escape Vans. There is another member from Oz who has travelled in them, and is again, this year. You might like to check out John Waters threads and trip report. He was very happy with them.

    Those flags out the window do not last long. Even at 60 they are in shreds after a couple of hundred miles. At least mine were. In the rear window they only fade with the sun. But since you are travelling in winter, that may not be an issue.

    BTW, souvenir fridge magnets also go down well.


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