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    I am driving with a friend and four kids from Portland Oregon to Las Vegas at the end of March. I have been researching different routes to take and it seems like the shortest route is to take Hwy 84 along the Columbia River to Idaho and then go from Twin Falls to Las Vegas on highway 93. I have never driven this route and have no idea if highway 93 will be clear or what the geography is like through the area. The simplest route seems to be to go all the way down I5 to Bakersfield and then cut across to LV, although I know this is longer it may be easiest. I drove up from LV via Reno through Kalamath Falls 2 years ago and "hated" the roads- 2 lanes and very scary. Can anyone offer any suggestions or advice? Thanks!

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    I think your two simplest route would likely be the best for your trip. Those are the I-5 via Bakersfield option you mentioned, or using I-84 to I-15 via Salt Lake City. Both of those are all (or at least nearly-all) freeway routes, with straightforward roads, plenty of traffic, and lots of places for you and the little ones to stop.

    US-93 is a perfectly good route, but it is lots of two lane highways, some mountains (but I don't believe they would be that bad), but it goes through some very remote territory. Either way, this is a good 2 day trip. Sacramento would be a good point via I-5, while Twin Falls would be a good spot on I-84.

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    My software says that from a time standpoint, I-5/CA-46/CA-99/CA-58/I-15 is the *fastest* route, and it's approximately 1150 miles. The *shortest* route (I-84/US-93/NV-318/US-93/I-15) is 100 miles shorter. It's not a scary road at all, but it's VERY desolate with minimal cell phone coverage and sparse services. The rural 2 lane speed limit in Nevada is 70. I-84/I-15 is about 1200 miles and only about 10 minutes longer than I-5 (the speed limits on the rural Interstates in Idaho and Utah are 75 with some 80 segments where California is 70).

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    Default And Places to Stop

    The Interstate Highway System (I would recommend the I-84/I-15 route) goes by numerous national, state, and local parks. You are almost never more than a couple of hours between places where the kids could have a good (and free) time. Besides those places, get and use a good paper road map and watch for points of interest which are near the highway.


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    I actually drove 93 up from Las Vegas last summer. We then took I-84 west along the Columbia River Gorge and then up I-5 to Tacoma, where we live. Although 93 was a good road, and actually did have a few rest stops (keep your eyes open), it was a little nerve racking. There are signs informing motorists to report gun shots, only they have gun shots in the signs! Also, there is a lot of open range along this route. We actually came around a bend in the road, and there were cows. We didn't hit any of them, but we might have, so be careful if you take this route. If any of that makes you nervous then going down through California and then cutting over to Vegas on main roads might be a better option for you. If you do end up taking this route, the hotel we stayed in in Boise, Idaho was fabulous. It is called The Riverside. It's affordable, but they have a great breakfast, and I mean cooked to order omelets, huge fruit choices, lots of hot food, meats and eggs and such, but also dip your own donuts...I just can't say enough about it. It's so popular with the locals that they give out coupons for the hotel patrons to use for it. They are also located on a river and have a great river walk. Also have several restaurants. The one inside, next to the lobby, serves a great Cobb salad which is HUGE! So, if you're headed this way, it is an excellent stopover. Anyway, have fun on your trip. I always enjoy Las Vegas, and am also planning a trip for the beginning of April from Tacoma, WA, down through California, over to Las Vegas, and back up again. I will be travelling 93 up through Nevada again, so I will have more recent updates, if you check back.

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