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    Default Looking for 2 travelbuddy's Vancouver to Ushuaia Argentina

    Hello travelers,

    Im a dutch guy 29 years and going to drive to south america, Currently im staying and working in Whistler. I'll start the trip in the first week of April. I own a Pontiac Montana from 2004 and have been driven around Canada&Alaska sinds may 2012. My trip started in newfoundland and drove to Alaska and then to Vancouver. All togheter 34.000km without breakdowns. Also did many offroads with it in yukon&Alaska and went without problems so far. I also sleep inside the car to safe accomodation costs and to keep traveling cheap. I overnight mostly at beache's national parks, parking area's,restarea's etc. I love nature and do hike allot to see animals forests and just to be out there! Also like to see culture and love to taste the lokal food in every country:-) I do have traveled more overland for the last 5 years so have experience in that and I also did research for this trip for the last 5 month's. To know about bordercrossings,shipping the car from panama to Colombia and what to visit offcourse:). My goal is to arrive in argentina somewhere around dec/jan so the trip is gonna take about 9 month's. But you can also join parts of the trip! I have space for 2 extra people where I would like to share lots of fun, experience's and yeah the fuell with:-).Do you have similar plans and want to join the ride let me know, im flexible for other plans!

    Hope to hear from you soon so we can catch up and talk about the trip! Also if any questions mail me!

    Cheers Marijn

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  2. Default Way down south


    I just saw your post. I actually would like to go the same direction, but not quite that far south.
    I need to get to san francisco somehow, or let's say California in general.
    I'm a 20 year ol german guy. I've spent the winter season in Revelstoke and will be in Vancouver by 1st of April.
    I'd really like to join your ride down south, even if it's just a smaller part.
    I love spending time outdoors and meeting people. I would of course split the gas and have a tent, so I can sleep in there, that's totally fine. Wanna keep it cheap aswell. I'd love to travel down the Westcoast of the states. My plan is to return to Canada afterwards and travel through Vancouver Island, then visit the Rockies again and meet up with some friends in the Yukon. So I have a couple of ideas for the next months.

    Just write back for further information and what you think.

    hope I'll hear from you



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