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  1. Default America the Beautiful Pass help ?

    As per my previous posts my girlfriend and I are coming over to the states to do a road trip, specifically we will be visiting various areas such as Grand Canyon, Pfeifer State Park, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion Park and Death Valley.

    I was advised that a America the Beautiful pass for $80 may be worth getting.

    My questions are:

    1. Would you agree that its worth the $80 ?
    2. As a tourist can I purchase the annual pass, there are not just for US citizens right ?


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    The America the Beautiful Pass is, indeed, available for $80/year. It is available to anyone and everyone. And it covers entrance fees to all national parks, monuments, historic sites, etc. However, there are a few caveats. It only covers entrance fees to locations that are part of the national park system. It does not cover entrance fees to state parks such as Julia Pfeiffer Burns in California. It does not cover special use fees such as camping, parking (e.g. at Mount Rushmore), rafting or anything else. Also, it is not transferable. It is sold to an individual and that individual must be present in order to use it. However, if the owner is present they can bring in everyone in their vehicle, as long as the vehicle isn't a bus! It is good for one year and that year starts at the time of purchase, so the time to buy it is when you roll up to your first national park. Since the typical entry fee for a major national park is about $20, it only makes sense if you plan to visit four or more such facilities.


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    Also, it is not transferable.
    This is a gray area. It does have 2 signature blocks on it.

    Can any two people sign an Annual Pass?

    Yes. The two pass owners do not have to be related or married.

    Pass Owner: Person or two person(s) whose signatures are on the back of the Pass.

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    Default Yes you can, yes it's worth it.

    The sum total to buy individual entry fees to Yellowstone, Grand canyon, Yosemite and Death valley would amount to $90, so yes the pass is worthwhile.

    You can purchase the pass at the entry kiosk of the first park you visit.

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    Default A good investment.

    We purchased a pass on our last trip and went to 14 National Parks and numerous State parks. We must have save quiet a lot.

    I wll be getting one as soon as we hit the first Park in May. Its such a pleasure to go to the National Parks of the USA. We need to send our NP people to the US to show them how its done.


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