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  1. Default 10 week mother/daughter road trip

    Any advice or suggestions are most welcome:
    Starting and ending in Montgomery, Alabama from June 1 - mid August.
    Mom and 15 year old daughter, travel well together on other long distance trips. Driving a Prius.
    We are frugal and can be no-frills, but have money to spend if we need or really want to. Want to save money where we can and splurge on something really worth it.
    No camping, will use hotels or will stay with friends along the way or can stay on military bases. Tenative outline: Montgomery to Louisianna (plantation tours, friend in Shreveport) LA to Oklahaoma City (friends) OKC to Albuquerque to Phoenix to SanDiego. (went to Grand Canyon, Vegas, Brice, Zion last year) up the California coast via hwy 1, (Want to see Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Carmel, Redwood forest, San Fransisco), head to friends in Seattle, stay there a week or so. Dont know much about Oregon.Return trip to Alabama is wide open. Want to see Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore. Maybe St. Louis, Memphis?
    We love history, the outdoors, hiking, and museums.
    Thank you for any suggestions.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    It seems you certainly have enough time for your trip, and your basic itinerary is shaping up. Along your route there certainly is no lack of the things that you stated you enjoy. Now, you say that you will splurge on something if it is really worth it - so the question I have would be - what is something in particular that you would splurge on? Depending on your budget this could be a few times during the trip, so the other plans could be built around these events.

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    This sounds like a marvelous trip! Be sure to check with your daughter, to see what she might like to do. So much to see and do!

    I would caution you on the idea of staying on military bases...wonderful idea, but summer season is high-PCS-transfer season. We have had little luck trying to stay in base lodging while traveling across country during the summer, because priority is always given (as it should be) to those active duty personnel that are on PCS transfers/leave.

    Another frugal way to stay overnight is to find inexpensive mom-and-pop motels, or find a coupon deal. When you pull into a state, find a visitors/tourist center or place that caters to same, and see if you can find a coupon booklet for motels.


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    This sounds like a wonderful trip. In regards to going up Highway 1, I would advise taking short stretches. The curvey road is fun for about 100 miles and then it gets tedious. The stretch between San Luis Obispo and Monterey is beautiful and goes right by Hearst Castle, which is an amazing place. Monterey is beautiful and there is a Navy Lodge and Army Lodge in the area. I would recommend you jump on 101 in San Francisco. By then I think you will have had your fill of the long and winding road and 101 to Crecent City runs right through the heart of the Redwood Forest. Then you can go back on 1 for the Oregon Coast. Also, the RV crowd loves 1 as well and during the summer you can end up behind more than a few of them. Enjoy.

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    If you take CA-1 north of San Francisco, it ends at Leggett on US-101 before you get to the redwoods. There is just as much to see along the northern coast as there is on the central coast. It all depends on how much time you want to take and your tolerance for a road that's constantly winding and going up and down.

    There is no Highway 1 in Oregon, 101 is the coast road.

    You may want to look into reversing the direction of your trip - the coast road is better driven from north to south so you don't have to cut across traffic to get to all the scenic turnouts.

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