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    Default First Road Trip - Las Vegas to Atlanta


    I need some advice on routes and how long this will take me as I am a complete novice!

    I would like to start in Las Vegas (September), travel past the Grand Canyon, go to New Orleans stay at least 1 night there, on to Savannah for a night as well and finishing in Atlanta by the 13th September.

    Also, if there are any amazing sights I am missing on the route, please advise.


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    Default How long have you got ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There will be thousands of amazing sites to choose from on a journey that covers a large part of the country. How long will it take ? Well you could drive the route with 5 long days behind the wheel added to how long you want to stay in each place would give you the minimum amount of time you would need. Once you know how long you want to [can] be on the road for you can start to see how things may be able to fit into your plans.

    If you have no other ideas at the moment I would continue to research and study a good map of the US and see what appeals. Once you have narrowed down your options, worked out your trime frame and share your interests with us we should be able to offer meaningful advice

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    Welcome to RTA! Most of us here were at one time, a novice road-trip planner. I'm sure all of us have made our share of errors in planning, so you "live and learn".

    First suggestion: Read this article. It will help greatly.

    A few little tips: First, don't plan to drive more than 500-600 miles in a day. Less if you are planning to sight-see during that day. (We have done a 600 mile day with a 3 hour stop to sight-see. It made for a VERY long day on the road and we were really tired!)

    Second, to figure out that mileage, use a good road-trip planner -- either the one on this site, software, Mapquest/Google. DON'T rely on their "estimate of driving time" as set in cement. Remember that computer programs don't have to stop for fuel, food, snacks, a stretch, bathroom, walk the dog, traffic, or construction. (Before Mapquest, I estimated a trip the long way, by looking at the mileage markers on the paper maps. One time I seriously miscalculated and we were on the highway for almost 700 miles. I was not very popular with the driver OR my kids then.)

    Third tip: Allow enough time to see places. The Grand Canyon South Rim is worth at LEAST a full day to stop at all the viewpoints, take photos. If you want to walk down into the Canyon even for a half mile or so, allow more time.

    Enjoy the planning!


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