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    Default Advice on rv hire - norco, ca - corona motorhome rentals

    Hi there,
    Planning a week with an RV, starting from LA in August 2013. Have been emailing with Corona Motorhome Rental in Norco. The guy seems very friendly and helpful but can't find any online reviews and wondered if anybody had any experience of this company and could advise me?
    Thanks, forum.

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    Default Some here do rent RVs

    Hi Jacquiann and Welcome to the great American RoadTrip Forum.

    Not ever having rented an RV, I do not have any knowledge in that field. But there are a couple of members on this forum who have, and I am sure one or other of them will be along soon to answer your question. Meanwhile you might like to check around the forum, as questions about various rental companies have been discussed from time to time. There is a search function up the top of this page.


    BTW, love your forum avatar.

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    Default Some points to consider.

    Hello and welcome to you, from West Sussex !

    I'm afraid it's not a company I have heard of, but that's not neccesarily a bad thing. We have used a family run company out of SF before and was very pleased with the service and had a succesful trip, we have also used one of the big companies, Cruise America and have been pleased. It's a case of weighing up the Pros and Cons and going with your instincts after researching. I could not find a customer review on th company either, but again it doesn't mean it's a bad thing, people are more likely to write a review about a bad experience than they are a good one, human nature I guess !

    One of the main concerns [for me anyway] is the cost of the overall package when renting an RV. That doesn't mean the 'per night' figure, I mean the bottom line. As you are travelling in from the UK you will have to check what bedding and kitchen kits will cost, any preparation fees, insurance costs, generator usage and most importantly, what daily mileage is included in your rental price, and how many you think you will cover. I note that Corona rentals penalise quite heavily if you are looking at doing a lot of mileage, [Mileage Charge: First 100 miles per night of rental are free. Additional miles per night: 1-99=.32 per mile, 100-199=.64 per mile, 200+=$1.28 per mile] whereas Cruise America [for example] charge 34 cents a mile from the start, no free miles. Cruise America would be a good place to start to price compare [unless you want a class 'A' RV] and if you do, be sure to click on the 'Hot deals' link where you will find various deals to choose from that best suits your needs.

    The next BIG thing to consider is what type of back up will you have if you break down or have problems with the RV during your trip ? Big companies have many offices throughout the USA and should be able to get you on the road again real quick. It looks as though Corona uses rentals supplied by private owners, so what would happen next ? You don't want to spend days of your holiday parked up/waiting for repairs. Is a private owner more likely to try harder to put the blame on you for any mechanical failure to recoup the costs than a big company would ? I don't know but these are the questions I asked myself when considering the facts. It also depends on what you are looking to rent, I see that some of the 'budget friendly' rentals on offer from Corona are 8 years old whereas a the larger companies tend to keep a newer fleet of vehicles.

    Just so it's clear, I'm not trying to sway you one way or the other, I actually like to support smaller business's, but only if I feel totally comfortable with what I'm getting.

    Good luck !

    PS] Have you checked with them about this on their terms and conditionsd page ? >> •All renters must have valid California drivers license and credit card<<

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    Default More thoughts

    And there is a discussion here about the pros and cons of renting RVs


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    Default sorry to hear that but...

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Thanks for sharing your story, although I have to say, that it sounds like you could and probably should have approached a whole lot of these things differently, and would have had a much nicer trip.

    I mean from the very beginning, if they only had two RVs available, and the "nicer" one was broken down, that should have been raising some huge red flags right there. At the very least, that should have stressed the point Dave made earlier in this thread, when you're dealing with a small company for any vehicle, rv or car, what is their policy for repairs if you are thousands of miles away from their location.

    . A 2 week RV trip like this has to be (and was) planned to the minute.
    I think this little line also is a big source of your problems. Not only does a 2 week trip NOT have to be planned to the minute, we strongly advise people not to plan down to the minute, as no matter what your vehicle there will be things that come up. I have to think if you hadn't been so hell-bent on keeping to your schedule, you could have avoided at least some of the problems.

    Your RV refrigerator broke down just an hour outside of Los Angeles, it was foolish of you not to go back right at that point and demand that it be fixed. Yes, it would have taken a couple hours of your time, but in the scope of a 2 week trip, even if you'd lost an entire day by getting it fixed or even returning it then looking for a new rv company you would have been better off. (I also don't understand the connection between levelers and the fridge, as the fridge should be operating while you are driving, and that's not a "level" position.) For that matter, even if you refused to do that, stopping at walmart for 15 minutes to pick up a larger cooler could have allowed you to cook more of your own meals and avoid the fast food you supposedly despised so much (or if you were going to eat out anyway, why not enjoy some of the local restaurants along the way?)

    As far as your refund/payment situation, if your trip and RV was as bad as you said it was, I can't for the life of me understand why you would ever hand over an additional $1400 cash at the end of your trip, especially when you are trying to get them to issue you a credit. Sorry, you should have had everything sorted out before you even thought of handing over more money. At best, doing so completely gave up any leverage you had, and at worst, it shows that you must have been satisfied with the situation, because common sense says you don't give some one extra money when you feel they still owe you.

    That's not to excuse anything on Corona's end of things, as again, we certainly appreciate your cautionary tale, but if you're gong to be out RVing again those are some pretty straightforward things I would strongly recommend you change for your next trip, or you're likely going to have problems again no matter who you rent with.

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    Too bad you had all these things go wrong Mike. By any chance did you get to enjoy any of the two weeks with your boys. I hope you did.

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    You try and re-book 2 Yellowstone Park nights less than a week in advance in high season. Ain't going to happen, we would have been shut out.
    Funny you say that, but I have rebooked reservations in Yellowstone less than a week in advance in high season. They have very liberal cancellations policies, so it is common for spots to open up on short notice. You might not get the exact spots or tu anyhe exact campgrounds you want, but you might be surprised how easy it is to get a space.

    The large point however, is that when you plan a trip down to the minute, it doesn't give you any ability to adapt to the unforseen. I'm not excusing Corona here in the slightest, but if you'd gone with one of the major national companies, you still could have had some kind of problem. If the fridge had broken with a better company, they would have likely told you to stop somewhere to get it fixed, and from the sounds of it, you wouldn't have had time for that.

    My point here is that you don't need to plan every minute of every day, and trying to do so can - and usually does - actually creates more problems than it solves. You can build a trip that has flexability, without putting down deposits and reservations at every single stop, without having a "laid-back retiree lazy vacation." I can assure you, most of my roadtrips are not what most people would call "lazy vacations" and yet, even in the peak of summer, I will only make reservations at a handful of place - like Yellowstone - because things never do go exactly as I've planned. When you build a perfect plan, it doesn't leave you anywhere to go when things don't go perfectly. Perhaps even worse, it also can lead to you miss a lot of things you might have otherwise discovered on the road, if you would have had a few extra seconds.

    Sorry, Mike, local eateries aren't always available when you need them (try, for example, the Utah desert, the Nebraska plains, the Badland backwoods, the Rocky Mountains, etc.),
    You know, I've found local places to eat in all the locations you've listed. Probably more specifically, I'd be hard pressed to think of many, if any, places that had fast food available, but not local restaurants. And no, not all of those local restaurants are going to be fantastic, but it's pretty rare for them to be worse than fast food.

    We were 4 guys, just how big a cooler are you suggesting? After the ice goes in, just how much food for 4 men are we talking about here?
    I don't usually travel by RV, and we can usually get by with a medium sized, $30 cooler, and we still make most of our own meals, and almost never stop for fast food. My point is that eating all that fast food was not by any means your only option. Now a cooler certainly is not as easy as having an RV with a fridge/freezer - and it doesn't make ice cream much of an option - but its big enough to keep several days of meat, eggs, veggies, etc chilled, safe, and available for you to continue cooking on the road. Something like that certainly could have kept you from throwing out hundreds of dollars of food, and reduced the need for many restaurant meals.

    Even if Corona is holding a $1,000 deposit on a credit card?
    I stand by my comment that there is no way that I'm turning over $1400 cash as a final payment until every detail of the bill had been fully resolved. If they were really going to give you a $500 refund, why wouldn't they have accepted a $900 payment to close out your deal? At the very least, If you pay with a credit card - including the deposit - you have a way of getting that money back or disputed. When you hand over cash, it's gone. It sounds like you plan to take this to court, and good for you, please let us know how it goes, but since it sounds like you gave them cash, without any sort of promise in writing that they were then going to give you back $500, I can't see how you're in a strong position there either.

    I don't blame you at all for being pissed at Corona, it sounds like a lousy situation and as I said, we thank you for warning others. As I said before, I simply see some things that you should keep in mind for future trips that likely would have saved you at least some of the aggrivation

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    Thats good to hear David. Its a beautiful part of the United States. Im sure the boys will remember the highlights of the trip in years to come and the problems you had with the RV will become laughing points. We have had a few problems on our trips but they are normally over shadowed by the good times

    Hope the next one is better.

  9. Default Corona Motorhome Rentals

    Rip off. I reserved a Motorhome for two weeks and they tried to give me an RV with vehicle code violations, dangerous mechanical problems, and a overpowering chemical smell coming from the carpets. The owner smelled of alcohol and yelled at me when I mentioned it. He said "F... You I can drink if I want to I am the owner." He refused to fix any of the problems. I offered to rent any of his other motor homes and would pay extra if needed. He refused. We left the motorhome there and he kept our money for the the two week rental.

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