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    I am planning a trip around the South. Soon, I will have visited every state in the continental U.S. Arkansas is one of the last ones I have to visit. I've been researching it a bit, but I haven't yet found anything there I'm really excited to see (especially not that I'm wanting to take time away from other parts of the trip for). However, I'd like to see some part of it while I'm in the area. What would you recommend for a short visit in the eastern part of the state? My top choice would probably be a place with pretty/unique natural scenery, but a particularly noteworthy historical place would be good too.

    Also, if you wanted to visit a place with traditional southern architecture (plantation homes, etc), which towns would be your top choices (not Arkansas, other places in the South)?

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    Since you're looking for scenery in the eastern part of Arkansas, that's pretty much going to mean bayou type scenery. Places like the Champion Cypress Tree Trail in White River National Wildlife Refuge would give you a chance to hike through some unique habitat. For an equally unique bit of history, you can visit Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park, another bayou setting, but with a marker at the 'Zero Point' from which the Louisiana Purchase was mapped. And for 'traditional Southern architecture, check out nearby Greenville MS.


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    Some of those places look interesting, but I won't be going that far south or west. The plan is now just go go along 55 from the top of the state down to Memphis. Are there any places close to the interstate along that stretch that would be good for a quick stop? Maybe some places with nice views of the river?

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    A few years ago I was in this same neck of the woods with two goals: to drive through the 'bootheel' of Missouri and to say hello to the Mississippi as I crossed it one last time on the way home. The first was easy enough, but the second turned out to be a problem. In northeastern Arkansas where I was (and you will be) trying to reach the river, it is often enclosed between high levees for long stretches meaning that you can't really get a view of it without climbing those levees and/or crossing private land, neither of which I was willing to do with the time I had available. So I applaud your decision to find a place to get to the river before you show up.

    There are no parks or nature preserves in that general area, and as noted access in general can be limited, but I was able to verify one place where you can actually get to the river: at the eastern end of AR-18 (Exit 67 off I-55).


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