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    Default Chicago to Sarasota Fl in late June

    Hi Folks
    We are planning a ten day road trip from Chicago to Sarasota this coming June. Any suggestions about routeing, attractions 2/3 star hotel/motels and happy hours most welcome.

    Irish Tom

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Going direct, you could make this drive in as little as 2 long days, so with 10 days available there is no shortage of options. You could head down the Mississippi River, and then work along the gulf coast. You could head over to New York or Washington and head down the East Coast. You could do any number of options in the middle.

    Without having a better idea of what you are looking for, however, we certainly can't start offering suggestions for specific routes, hotels, or happy hours. The more you share about your plans and what you hope to get out of your roadtrip, the more others can help you build the perfect plan for you.

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    Hi Midwest Michael,
    Many thanks for your reply, we intend heading south on 1-55 or towards the 1-75. Ideally we would like to stay off the interstate for as often as we can. Appreciate your advice, re request detail, ideally to see American historic/civil war sites, music, places of interest and happy hours.

    Irish Tom

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    Very generally, you can follow the '31s' (US-231, US-431) much of the way south rather than I-65. After Chattanooga, you'd switch over to roads such as US-27 and US-19. Those roads run roughly parallel to I-65/I-24/I-75 and bring you close to such attractions as Mammoth Cave National Park, Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, FDR's Little White House, and Andersonville as your major scenic and historic sites. As for happy hours, you'll have to find those locally depending on exactly when your passing through various areas, but here's a good reference point.


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    Many thanks AZBUCK, these are the routes we prefer - we want to see the real America not the Interstate. Reckon we can sort out the happy hours our self !! Thanks again.

    Irish Tom

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