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    Hi everyone,

    My family and I are driving to Stowe, VT, a couple of weeks from now for a skiing holiday. We plan on making the drive there in a single day. Has anyone any useful experience from driving there app. from my location?

    Google Maps says it is app. a 9 hour drive and that I should follow I-95, change to I-91 North of NYC and later on to I-89. Anything I should be aware of? Or am I good to go?¨



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    Really I would keep an eye on the weather taking this trip, that's the major thing. That route is fairly sound, though you could head up I-87 and over US-4 and up VT-100 on your way to Stowe. But that's only if the weather is decent. The trip may be a bit longer than 9 hours.

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    Default For My Money

    This is a drive that can be made in a day, but it will be a very long day, nine to ten hours of driving plus at least one stop for a meal and a couple of metal health breaks along the way for safety. Still, I'm going to suggest that you not take the 'shortest' route up I-95 and the New Jersey Turnpike (They are not the same thing) to New York and then I-91/I-89 as Google is suggesting. The Maryland/Delaware/New Jersey Turnpikes are expensive, and can be a traffic nightmare. Plus that route takes you through Baltimore's Harbor Tunnel and right through the heart of New York City which will just add to your driving woes.

    For an additional hour of driving you can avoid most of the traffic and most of the tolls, if the weather is good. Head around Baltimore to the west on its Beltway, I-695, to I-83 north to Harrisburg. There hop on I-81 north to Scranton and use I-380 to connect to I-84 east, This will get you to the New York Thruway, I-87, well north of New York City and you will not have paid a penny in tolls to that point. Next, take I-87 up to Glens Falls and then use NY-149/US-4/VT-10/VT-107 to cross over to I-89 north to Waterbury and Stowe.

    If the weather is iffy, then, unfortunately, your only real chance of getting to Stowe in a day is to use I-95, the Jersey Turnpike, I-95 (again), I-91 and I-89


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    I like Buck's route - but I'd stay on I-81 to Binghamton to pick up I-88 to the Albany area to get to I-87. This adds less than 10 miles and cuts out almost all the rest of the tolls.

    Minor correction - it would be VT-100, not VT-10.

    If you do have to go through NYC, don't stay on the NJ Turnpike and I-95 - get off at Exit 10 and take I-287 around NYC. At Suffern, take I-287 (NY Thruway) across the Tappan Zee Bridge to the Cross Westchester Expressway (still I-287) to I-684 to I-84. Take that to east of Waterbury to I-691 to I-91.

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    Thanks a lot for the advice guys. Even though I just did storm down to the DMV to get an EZ-Pass, I'll definitely follow your instructions just to avoid the traffic.

    I know this is going to be a long trip. We've driven longer in one day before, but that was in the summer - ie. no bad weather. Just in case the weather is bad, do you have any recommendations for a good spot to break the day in two? We can easily leave the day before if needed and spend the night somewhere suitable underway.

    Thanks again - much appreciated.

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    Default A Range of Overnight Stops

    If you're going to drive up the 'back' way through Scranton and then north on the New York Thruway, then you should look to stop somewhere along I-87 in the Hudson River valley. there are several towns along that stretch that would offer a range of lodging and dining choices as well as a bit of scenery and history, including Kingston, Albany, Saratoga Springs, and Lake George. Remember too, that no matter what the weather, there will be fewer daylight hours in February, and Vermont is a state that really should be driven in the full glory of daylight.


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    Awesome, thanks - we'll divide the trip up there in two and save the long drive for the trip home.

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    Again another example of goolge maps doing the blind leading the blind having people take I 95 to I 91 not knowing when going up the shortest way is I 95, cross the GW bridge, north on I 87 till you get to VT.

    And this can be the best way if the day and time of that day is when traffic is light. Though a nightmare if you get there at the wrong time.

    To go I 81 to I 88 to I 87 north will turn a doable 9 hr 1 day trip into a really long 10 hr trip. What will be saved on tolls will be paid for in gas and more exhaustion.

    If I can't get through NYC at off traffic hours I would do what I have always done and that is take I 95 to I 287 to I 87 to avoid going through NYC.

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