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    I’m travelling from the UK early March with two friends for 24 days in America. The original idea was to go and visit NY and LV, but the idea of an all American road trip really interested us all. Yes flying between places is cheaper but it’s not the same as travelling through and seeing the real America, not letting it fly by. The exploration aspect of our trip took over and we’ve ended up with a mammoth roadtrip. I’m quite happy to receive criticism on the plan as I’d rather be aware of any potentials problems now, but please consider this has been planned at length with the help of people who have done this before.

    You can see the plan here:

    As you can see we land in New York where we spend a couple of days sightseeing and partying, maybe go see some Ice Hockey :) Then its onto Niagara falls, then Chicago, then follow route 66 to LA (with a couple of detours like LV). We have an RV for most of the journey apart from last leg from LV to LA, we’ll rent a Mustang or something without a roof.

    My concerns/questions are:
    • How much will fuel cost? The RV runs at 8-10 MPG and we’re covering 3500 miles minimum.
    • How do we stay on Route 66? We’re going to get a map and a satnav with correct waypoints, but would love some more advice on that
    • Planning overnight stops for RV how necessary is this? We know it’s a BIG problem in Chicago
    • Point of interest along route? I don’t want to bore you with everything we’ve found, but any suggestions welcome
    • Great bars along route? In particular it’s my friend’s birthday in Chicago and St Patricks day around about Amarillo Way
    • Medical cover and travel insurance recommendations

    I’m aware that route 66 has been decommissioned at not all of it is there etc… I’m aware of the distance I’m attempting to travel certain days, but we’d rather had full days on the road, so we can have days where we chill. If we can’t achieve it, then we’ll have to scrap our days off.

    And yes I am very excited!

    Kind regards

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    Default A few thoughts.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You can look on sites like gasbuddy for an idea of fuel costs and use the RTA fuel cost calculator found on the right of this page. As you say your mileage will add up just driving in and out of Citys and parks etc. If you allow 'about' $1500 for fuel you should be OK.

    Here is an RTA page dedicated to Route 66. The last link on the page I find very informative with routes, and there's a lot more info to be found. Route 66 can be hard to find in parts and with some of your mileage days you will need to stick mainly to the Interstates that have replaced it. Some sections are now no more than a business park route so you can pick and choose.

    Travelling in March shouldn't throw up any problems with finding an RV site for the night, other than the obvious like finding a suitable place in Chicago that would be worth researching your options. You might want to check the availability in the GC NP and book if you know when you will arrive. Mather campground [non hook up] and the Trailer village [hook ups] are near to the village and rim walks. You can't just pull up anywhere for the night though, you will need to find an RV park or alternatives would include some Walmarts and truck stops, but always ask permission and try and give them some business in return.

    You won't be able to visit Skywalk in the RV as some of the road is unmade and would violate the terms of your rental. You can catch a bus but with entry fees etc it's quite expensive and you might find it a little dissapointing when visiting after having been to the National Park.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you really want to follow old route 66, then it is going to require a fair bit of research, as many of the roads don't exist anymore. The highway also changed many times over the years too, so there are several places where multiple roads served as "Route 66" over the years. There are resources out there to help, but it will require good map reading, and gps/satnav will be virtually useless for following the old roads (it will just tell you to get on the Interstates). Here's a collection of sites, books, and other resources to get you going.

    An RV makes exploring cities more difficult, especially in larger areas like Chicago and St. Louis. Your best bet will be to try to find RV parks that are close to public transit. You'll also want to try to make reservations at busy National Parks like the Grand Canyon.

    Otherwise, I think your trip looks pretty workable, and I don't see any issues with any of your drives.

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    Thank you both for your advice and reassurance. Yes I’ve heard some bad things about SkyWalk that’s definitely getting scrapped.

    I’m just trying to cram in as much research as I can before I go. If anyone else wants to chip in regarding my original post I’d be very interested.

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