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    Default Southern states road trip in June

    I am planning a 3 week round trip from Colorado and am planning to hit as many civil rights movement sites (and some civil war sites as time permits) with my kids. We must stop in Winfield, KS to visit family, and want to also stop in: Topeka, KS; Little Rock, AR; Memphis, TN; Birmingham, AL; Montgomery, AL; Selma, AL; Jackson, MS; Atlanta, GA; Savannah, GA; Charleston, SC; Greensboro, NC; Great Smoky Mountain NP; Louisville, KY.

    Ideally we could have a day at an amusement park along the way. I plan to spend a day at the beach in both Savannah and in Charleston. Routing ideas? I haven't decided if we should head clockwise or counterclockwise.

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    If you are going to hit the cities in the order that you have posted you are going to do a lot of back tracking causing you to waste a lot of time.

    Now going from CO to KS will most likely take a whole day. Then is you go back home that way 2 days are gone. 19 more days to make reach 13 destinations.

    A day the beach in GA, another in SC, and a day in between 16 days left. You probably can work out your trip segments where you can use the first half of the day to travel, second half of the day to see the sight at the destinations. At 13 destinations you would have 3 days still left to play with.

    Now those 3 days can be used up where ever you would want to spend a whole day sight seeing. Also keep in mind whether you want to try some US routes instead of just doing interstates. You can see a lot more on the US routes. Often forgotten places and unexpected historical sites can be found.

    US routes allow one to be an Indiana Jones of the Old Road Archeologist finding the hidden sights before they get lost to time.

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    I wasn't planning that order (LOL), but would love some routes to take. Some like I-70 across Kansas and Colorado makes sense (plus we have done the slow route there several times).

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