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    Me and my 6 mates are going to rent a car in New York and ride down to Miami where we'll stay for 1 week. The problem is that only four of us has a drivers license and therefore it would be great with just 1 car or small bus. We haven't found any car that we feel confident about all of us + gasket fitting in, found a minibus on a site but it couldn't be left in Miami(we want to pick it up in New York and leave it in Miami). Does anyone with a little bit more knowledge about this help us? Any other information about cars/rules/renting and such would be much appreciated since it is our first time renting and driving in the US.

    In conclussion we want a car/bus that fits 7 people + bags and we want to pick it up in New York and leave it in Miami about 2 weeks from then.

    Thank you!

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    The first thing I think that you have to understand is that this is going to be an expensive proposition. At the very least you're going to need a vehicle such as a large mini-van, a Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan, Ford Stretch Transit Connect, Chevrolet Express, "or similar". These all have seven passenger seats and room for 'some' luggage, but at best, even though renting such vehicles is expensive, it will still be a tight squeeze for you and all your friends and all your luggage, and as the contents of that luggage inevitably get spread out through the van as you drive, things are going to get very cramped very quickly. What your really need is something even larger, something in the category of a Ford E-350, a Chevy Express 2500, or Nissan NV Passenger NV3500. Those are nine passenger (or larger) vans and will have adequate room for all of your and your luggage. But they don't come cheap. They would all be classed as 'specialty vehicles' by any rental agency and you would have to make special arrangements to have one waiting for you.

    Also, if you plan to have all four of you with licenses actually drive, be prepared to be hit by an additional $125/day fee for the three additional drivers. That will be for the entire rental period even if some of those drivers only drive for five minutes of one day. Then there's the one-way drop off fee which will be several hundred dollars, and a substantial 'underage driver' fee for anyone under 24 who plans to drive. And don't forget that while gas is relatively cheap in the US, at least compared to Europe, these big vehicles will get very poor mileage, ten miles per gallon - maybe fifteen if you're very lucky and drive relatively slowly avoiding hills, stop signs, and the like.

    So, in short, while a few vehicles exist that fill the needs you've listed, they are not the standard stock in trade of the rental car companies. They'll take some digging to find. And they are going to be very expensive.


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    Back when you first proposed this trip several months ago, it was strongly suggested you start pricing out your rental options, and this is why. There's not going to be a lot of options, and what is there will cost a small fortune.

    Buck has listed the potential vehicles that could work, however, I would be rather surprised if any of them are available for your trip. Typically such vehicles are not available for one way rentals, and since they are specialty vehicles, most companies will not allow anyone under age 25 to rent them.

    I think your best option, and perhaps your only option, will be to rent two cars. With 4 licensed drivers, you can still have 2 drivers rotating in each car. It is still going to be expensive, and its not your ideal option, but I'm not sure you'll have a lot of other choices.

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