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    My Husband and I will be driving from Boston to New Orleans and back again in 2 weeks.

    Our rough itinerary is as follows:

    Stop in NYC possibly
    Drive through Penn and see Amish country
    Virginia to go hiking
    New Orleans
    Myrtle Beach

    This doesn't quite fill our two weeks- any suggestions on other stops we should make along the way?

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    Default How Much More Will Fit?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    We are almost never at a loss for making suggestions for places to stop and explore. The problems is that most people don't really build enough time into their RoadTrips to see as much as they'd like. You may be close to that point already. You already have a trip of nearly 3500 miles planned which will take nearly a week of days devoted mostly to driving. Add in a day here, a day there, even one day at each of the destinations you've listed, and you have no time left in your two weeks to be adding stuff. You may be able to squeeze in one or two more stops and maybe a scenic road or two, depending on how much time you're really going to spend at your destinations. Things you should consider that won't add too much to your driving time would include Gettysburg after Amish country and on your way to I-81 down to Virginia. The Blue Ridge Parkway once you get to Virginia which is actually a part of the National Park System and offers access to hiking trails - but check first to see which portions are open and which are snowbound. The Natchez Trace Parkway from Nashville down to Jackson on your way to New Orleans is also part of the National Park System and as scenic and relaxed a drive as you can imagine. Coming back up through the Delmarva Peninsula from Myrtle Beach by going to Norfolk and crossing over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel then possibly even taking the ferry from Lewes DE to Cape May NJ. Although this is not in itself a fast route, it is scenic and keeps you out of the Richmond/Washington/Baltimore/Philadelphia traffic mess.


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    To drive straight to New Orleans is 1,547 miles. About 3 days of 8 hour driving.

    I like to take the US routes when time allows. So time for you to get on google maps and follow I90 to I84 till you get to Scranton PA. I84 will take you around NYC traffic and when you get to Scranton, PA you will see that I81 then I59 will bring you to N Orleans.

    As you follow those routes you will see US11 from Scranton it follows the intestates all the way. Or should I say the interstates follows US11 because US11 has been there a lot longer. Since 1927.

    81/11 will bring you close to Amish and Gettysburg. I would suggest that you follow the route on google map and you will get many ideas of things to see and places to go.

    You could also think about doing interstate one way and the US route the other way. Or mix and match.

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