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  1. Default Spring road trip idea but is it "do-able" ?

    Good morning / evening. My husband I are coming to the US at the end of March/ start of April and will have 4 to 4½ weeks in which to make a road trip by car. I'm looking at this for a basic route:
    Washington DC -
    Raleigh area
    New Bern area-
    follow the coast to Savannah and Jacksonville areas -
    Mobile area-
    Atlanta area-
    Take the Blue Ridge Parkway -
    Washington DC.

    I'd very much like to make an extra loop in the route (Jacksonville area - Big Pine Key, Florida - Mobile area) but I'm uncertain if it would be feasible.

    We avoid highways unless they are absolutely necessary and like as much flexibility as possible, hence the "areas" in the above route.
    We travel with a laptop, choose our overnight stays pretty well from one day to the next and have previously had success with planning a main route and then stopping where we please. Sometimes we'll stay a single night at a place, sometimes two or three, depending, of course, on whether there is room for us ;o)
    We drive, on average, 4 - 5 hours a day.
    Am I being too ambitious in the above route?
    Your advice will be greatly appreciated,
    with best wishes, Watzat

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    Default Not too ambitious.

    Hi Watzat, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!

    To drive directly from DC to Big Pine could be done in four or five days, and a return journey via the BRP would take a couple of days longer, I think your trip is entirely feasible. There is no reason why you should not do a loop, taking in all the places you mention, and the myriad of other sites of interest you will find along the way. You will need to check the weather in April on the BRP, and the road conditions.

    I like the style of travel you describe. Many of us travel the same way. Just be aware that Easter is at the end of March, and some places could be busy. You might like to think of securing your accommodation for those dates more than just a day or so ahead.


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    Hi Lifey,
    Thank you for the warm welcome and your encouraging reply :o)

    I've just checked the calendar and we'll be getting to DC on the 29th., Good Friday or Sat. 30th. One overnight in DC and then we're on the road again so you're right, I'd need to be thinking about making definite destinations and bookings over Easter.

    Thanks too for the tip about the weather and the road conditions on the BRP, duly noted!

    We did a trip 2 years ago from Chicago, round Lake Michigan and were to drive from Detroit to New York but the roads were impassible; we turned the car around and ended up in McGregor, Iowa. Great, unpredictable journey!
    Thanks again,

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