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    Default Grand Canyon to Yellowstone in 2-3 weeks

    Hi, I'm looking in to doing a road trip in August this year with my boyfriend. We were looking to hire a car and the main thing we want to see is the Grand Canyon National Park and Yellowstone National Park. However, we are unsure which route to take and what there is to see on the way. Also, we are unsure of driving distances and if this is manageable over 3 weeks or whether we could also go to other states? We also don't know which airports would be the best to fly to and from? Can anyone advise me? Please! Nina

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    Hi Nina and welcome to RTA !

    You can certainly visit both the Grand canyon and Yellowstone with a 2-3 week trip, the 3 weeks being the better option, particuarly if it includes your International flights which is going to take up at least a couple of days, plus a lit tle time to adjust your body clock.

    Your two main options of airport would be Salt Lake City or Las Vegas, with Denver as a possibility , depending on where you want to visit and at what pace you are comfortable with. You could fly into one and out of another, say Denver and Las Vegas for example, but the downside to this would be possibly higher costs for air fares and car rental, the car rental due to the one way drop off fees.

    So one example would be a loop trip starting and ending in Vegas. It could look something like this, [from thousands of possible options] Las Vegas > Grand canyon NP south rim > Monument Valley> Moab [Utah] for Arches and Canyonlands NP> Yellowstone and the Tetons >and back to Vegas with possible stops at the wonderful NP's of Bryce canyon and Zion.

    With say 14 nights available on the road [leaving you time for flights and a Vegas stay you could plan on; Grand canyon 2 nights >Monument valley 1 night > Moab 2 nights > to Jackson 2 nights [1 stop on the way and one for Tetons next day] Yellowstone 3 nights > Salt Lake City 1 night >Bryce canyon 1 night >Zion NP 2 nights > Vegas.

    Do a little more reading/research using the forums and RTA planning resources in the tool bars above together with a good map, and once you get a little further down the road with your planning, we can help you to fine tune the detail.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It is certainly possible to do this trip in 2-3 weeks.

    The easiest place to fly would be Salt Lake City, since it is the only major airport directly between the two. You could also potentially fly into Vegas or even Denver, although they would be a bit more removed.

    A nice loop can connect both Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon with the lots of other parks in the middle. Starting from Salt Lake City, you could go down to Bryce and Zion on the way to the Grand Canyon, then head back up to Monument Valley, Natural Bridges, and Arches/Canyonland, continue north up US-191 past Flaming Gorge into Wyoming and then enter Yellowstone via Grand Tetons. You can then finish your trip, heading into Idaho and back down to SLC.

    There are several other spots you could also consider, especially in Western Colorado, but that's a good sample of what you could do to get started.

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    Great, a loop sounds like a good idea, I hadn't thought of that! Thanks for that information, I'll be in touch once I've done some more research. Nina

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    Quick question, is there a set age you have to be to hire a car in the states? Or does it vary between companies?

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    Default Surcharges for young drivers and difficult to rent under 21

    If you are over 21, but under 25 years of age you can rent a car but will almost certainly face a young drivers surcharge for each individual that wants to drive at that age. Under 21 it becomes very difficult and expensive to hire and most often if you can, there are restrictions.

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