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    i will drive from LA to YOSEMITE in may. I'm thinking of driving from LA to Prismo Beach via route 1, but i would like you to recommend me about what route follow to get yosemite from prismo beach. For sure i will have to make a stop, possibly in fresno.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    From Pismo beach you would head to Paso Robles on 101 and then take CA46/41 to Fresno and then continue on 41 through Wawona into Yosemite next day for the quickest route.

    Another scenic option, which depends on how long you have already planned in Yosemite, would be to continue up the coast to Monterey and include the famous and scenic drive around Big Sur. It would take around an extra 3 hours of driving, so it depends on what works for you. From Monterey [where you could stop overnight] it would take about 4.5 hours to Yosemite.

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    thanks for the info!
    I really want to get to Fresno at the end of the day, visit yosemite next day and at night going to San Fransisco.
    which places worth visiting from LA and Cambria on Highway 1?

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    With just 1 night for this trip, I would be heading straight to Yosemite to be honest. It's a wonderful place and you are going to have so little time to see it. From Fresno you will have at least 7 hours driving, just to drive through the valley and get to SF. Yosemite is huge and you could only scratch the surface with a full day there. If you want to do the drive to Pismo beach and Cambria, I would get on the road by 6am [the latest] to miss the worst of LA rush and enable you to get at least as far as Oakhurst and closer to Yosemite for the night.

    I can't say whats "worth it" on that section of the coast as I have not visited there, but whats worth it to others, might not be the same for you, it all depends on what appeals to your tastes.

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