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  1. Default help on planning the best roadtrip of my life!

    I need some help on planning a roadtrip i'm willing to do for a long time already. ive recently quit my job to start college again, so i plan to do this trip after i graduate or maybe during a college-holiday.

    im from europe but during many stays in the usa I met lots of people all over the USA.
    My wish is to visit all this people during a long roadtrip:)
    I wanna start in New Jersey, go to Maryland, then continue and make stops in North Carolina, next Kentucky, Tennesse, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, then to Las Vegas and maybe continue to Los Angeles.

    Anyone ever made a simular trip?
    Is this possible in 2 to 3 weeks?
    What kind of car do you recommend?
    Which are the best roads to take?
    which period of the year would be the best? I was thinking about going in september/oktober?

    Also I'm planning on traveling alone, so I wonder if its a safe trip to take by myself (young lady, end 20's)? Or are there any roads/places I should avoid?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Everything in your outline is quite feasible. You can cross the US by car in a relatively unhurried pace in about a week, so you would have a week or two for pure sight-seeing and/or visiting with your friends. I and many others have made roughly the same journey that you're contemplating and there are any number of scenic, historic, and just plain interesting places to look into on such a route.

    The best car for your drive would be the smallest, most cost-efficient one that you're comfortable in. You don't want to pay for too much and you don't want a tiny car that will have you dreading the next driving leg. With the standardization of car platforms around the world, and the fact that any rental company is not going to guarantee you a particular make and model, you can get a pretty good idea of what will suit you by checking a few rental websites, seeing what cars fall into the various 'economy', 'compact', intermediate', and 'mid-sized' categories and determining which category works for you.

    The entire point of a RoadTrip is the freedom to do what you want, go where you want, see the things that you want. So there simply is no short list of 'best roads' or 'must-see' sites. At this very early stage of your planning what you should really do is get an atlas of the United States. Start by marking off the places that are high on your list of priorities, such as the hometowns of your friends, and then see what other attractions are along or within easy side trips of roads that connect those towns. Once you have a basic plan we can help fill it in with some places that you might have overlooked. But the first and final plans have to be yours.

    Finally, I would say that September/October is one of the most ideal timeframes for a RoadTrip. The weather will have cooled off from summer, but there should still not be any snow to worry about. Schools will be back in session and most attractions will be far less crowded than they were during the summer tourist season. And safety should not affect either your planning or your trip. Simply exercise the same precautions that you would if you were driving around your own areas at home.


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