Hi, Looking for a bit of advice from people in the know please, we are aiming to leave Boston on 21st Feb and make our way across to San Francisco by 9th May, have hired a Ford Escape and looking at staying at budget motels, or possible RV parks if they have cabins,
Would like to see Niagara Falls, Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, Oklahoma, Kansas, Denver, Monument Valley, Las Vegas, and any thing interesting in between, Staying a couple of days or so at the above or anywhere else that takes our fancy, Driving long distances does not bother me as i am an ex long distance truck driver, (on the tarmac is where i am happy).
Do not want to be on the main highways all the time, any help as to possible weather i may encounter early part of our trip, or suggestions as to routes to take or things too look out for would be very much appreciated, we are looking to see cowboy country, country music, and good genuine country Americans in small towns who enjoy life,
I understand there are a lot of if,s and but,s and and 100,s of routes i could take but any help or suggestions would be appreciated, this will be a 12 week run any thoughts on average weekly mileage, Thanks