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  1. Default Harley through Yosemite in late April

    Hi there, I am planning a roadtrip in late april (around the 22nd to 26th) and was wondering if it was possible to ride a harlety through Yosemite at this time of year?

    Any help much appreciated, I am from New Zealand so please don't assume I know anything about Yosemite.


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    Woops make that a Harley, I am pretty sure there are no Harletys....

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    Default Odds are in your favour.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    In late April you should be fine in Yosemite valley, but the high country will still be closed due to winter snow accumulation. This will mean that you can't access [or exit] Yosemite to the east via Tioga Pass [CA120] or visit Glacier point. Mariposa Grove road usually opens in April but there will still be plenty to see and do in the Valley. Note that I said "should be fine" as the weather has a mind all of it's own and as well as the possibility of blue skys and temps in the 60's, you do still have a risk of rain and snowfall but with little chance of significant snow accumulation in the valley, or chain law being enforced, in which case would would mean it's a no go zone for a bike.

    The waterfalls will be flowing as the Spring melt gets well underway and will make a spectacular site, have fun !

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    I did a cross-country US motorcycle camping trip starting in April. Started on the East Coast and headed west.

    When I got to the California high country I had to stand on the footpegs to see over the snowbanks.

    Campgrounds were not only closed, they were still buried in snow.

    Had to go to much lower altitudes to find dry ground campgrounds.

    Don't know if that was an abnormal year or not. (probably not)

    Have alternate plans ready.

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