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  1. Default new orleans to nashville

    14 days to travel , help where to go what to see, what not to miss, hotels

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    Default Help to get started.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With 14 days you have time to do quite a bit of exploring seeing as you could cover the distance in a day. Before anyone can be of much help you really need to make a start for yourself. You haven't told us anything of your interests, if it's a lads trip, a family trip, couples, ages, whether it's a one way or round trip etc, or anything else that would help to give meaningful advice.

    To get started I would recommend you search around the forums [Hint. Scroll down this page and you will find 'Similar threads'] and road trip planning pages above where you will find maps, routes and attractions. Once you have a few dots on the map and share a little more info you will get far more meaningful replies, but for now there are thousands of possible options depending on how far you want to travel.

    Enjoy the planning.

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    me and wife both in our late fifties iam a long distance trucker in uk .one way then hope to fly to either washington or ny! like country rock or any thing but new. like to see whats off way good proper food we hope to travel sept

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    Default Why not drive all the way ?

    Have you considered driving all the way to Washington or New York ? You have time. Tupelo and Memphis you may find interesting with it's connection to Elvis and Sun Recrods etc. If you drove beyond Nashville you could head to the Great Smokies and pick up the Blue Ridge Parkway, visit Shenandoah NP etc.

    As I mentioned previously, have a look around the forums and get a few dots on the map and then folk might be able to offer the advice you are looking for, but with the time you have available it could cover a huge area. You could head all the way through Texas and into New Mexico, or up to the Ozarks and maybe St Louis and the Gateway Arch, or into Florida 'on the way' to Nashville with that much time.

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    hi us again we took your advice and now are traveling all the way to ny approx 18 days to go wild and do what ever!

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