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  1. Default NYC To Las Vegas - October RV Trip

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm Brazilian, so sorry for mistakes...

    Me and a group of my friends want to travel by RV departing from NYC to Las Vegas in October.
    Our itinerary starts from NYC to Chicago and then down Route 66 to Vegas, and we intend to accomplish this in 1 week. In fact we have three weeks in the U.S., but only want to spend one week with the RV.

    We would like to visit the Grand Canyon and stop only at night in cities that have a nightlife or parties.
    Do you think one week is feasible for this quest?
    And, Are there plenty RV Parks on the way?


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A week certainly is enough time to drive from New York to Las Vegas. However, I do think there may be a couple issues with your plan.

    First, route 66 doesn't actually exist anymore. The road was replaced by freeways about 30 years ago. There are sections of the old road that are still around, but much of it is not labeled and/or in disrepair.

    Second, if your goal is to visit cities and parties, then an RV is probably going to be a poor choice of transportation. RV's are tough to get around inside of cities and parking can be a challenge too. RV parks for overnight stays aren't hard to find, but there usually aren't many in urban areas, which would mean a long commute at the end of a night of partying, which is also probably not going to be a lot of fun.

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    Default Agreed.

    I have to agree with Michael, an RV wouldn't be an ideal choice for visiting City's and partying, plus with just a week to go from NY to Chicago to Vegas would be at least 5 days of 7 spent with long hours behind the wheel. In urban areas RV parks can be quite expensive and pretty basic and by the time you add campground fees onto high gas costs, it will probably cost more than a car and Motels.

    You don't say what you plan to do with your other 2 weeks but if you wanted to see some of the National parks/nature of the southwest that would be the time to rent an RV imo.

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    Michel / David, thanks for the advices.

    About the Route 66: After a quick search, it seems that if you take the I-40W from Chicago we will be following Route 66 now a days, Is that true?

    About the trip: We intend to stay 4 days at New York, 1 Day in Chicago and 4 days in Vegas. Yes, in fact we have about 10 days for the RV trip, just in case something happen in the middle of the way.
    We don't care about the extra money, we want to enjoy the road trip too, but the fact that the RV is too dificult to guide and park in urban zones makes me worry about it.
    For example, if we stop in St. Louis or Oklahoma to hang out at night, are we gonna have problems to park the RV? Is too dificult too park the RV and take the bus?
    Other question, for this kind of trip, is that the best way? I mean the cities near the the I-40W are more interesting for us than the cities near I-70W?

    Sorry for the insistence on the RV, but would like to see if it will really be an option which we repent.

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    I-40 doesn't go anywhere near Chicago. The Interstates that replaced US-66 are I-55, I-44, and I-40, but you wouldn't be getting on I-40 until Oklahoma City. Following 4 lane Interstate freeways is also a very different feel than the two lane roads, like the former Route 66, provide.

    Personally, I would pick my route based on the cities you want to visit - not based on highway numbers. Only you can decide which cities seem more interesting to you.

    Yes, having an RV in urban areas will be much more difficult than just having a car. Most American cities do not have great city bus services. Generally, you'll have a pretty long drive to get from a campground to a bus stop, and then it could take a long time to get from a bus stop on the edge of town to a downtown area where you're going to find most nightlife.

    Why do you want to take an RV for this trip? As we've said, it doesn't seem like a good fit for the trip you want to take, but this is your trip. What do you think you'll be able to do in an RV that would make an RV a better option for your trip?

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    Ok, I understand... I will reconsider the idea of travel by RV. Thanks.

    The choice of traveling by RV is more emotional than rational. We think it would be more fun than car and motel.
    I will also reconsider a route, we did not define anything yet, just the departure from New York to Chicago to Grand Canyon and finally Las Vegas.
    Within this route we want to find cities that fits with our goals.

    Thanks for the help

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    There are websites that specialize on US 66 and they provide the information to locate the road today.

    Thing is much of the US 66 signs are gone in many areas the road way is still there. And can be followed if you learn the names that US 66 goes by now to recreate the old road experience. Google will be your friend in this.

    Though you will find that some sections come to dead ends because US 66 road has been cut and blocked by the interstates. So there is no point going down a section to have to back track then get on an interstate to go forward.

    Depending on the amount of things you want to see in NY and Las Vegas you may not have enough time to explore and drive all that is possible taking the old roads.

    If you desire to drive out of NY and you do not need to go to Chicago you can consider taking US 40, US 50, US 60 west if you desire to see America that you will not see from the interstates.

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    Default Here at RTA !

    There are websites that specialize on US 66 and they provide the information to locate the road today.
    Thankyou for taking the time to reply.
    You can find just about anything to do with roadtripping here at RTA including this page with comprehansive info on route 66 sites.

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