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  1. Default NOLA to NY Need Advice Please.

    Hi there,

    I will be travelling with two of my friends from the 27th April to the 1st of May from New Orleans to New York.

    New Orleans --> Memphis (staying the night) -> Atlanta (Staying the night)->Savannah--> Charlestown (staying the night) -->Myrtle Beach -->Washington --> Philadelphia (staying the night) -->NY

    Do you have any advice and places and routes we should stop at or take?

    Thank you

    Sydney, Aus

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    It might help us if we knew what the point of your trip is or why the overnights you've chosen?

    The reason is -- if I were going from NOLA to NY, I would go I-55 up to Memphis, then I-40 through TN and catch I-81 then I-76 to Philadelphia and on to NY (assuming NYC).

    O, I'd take I-55 up to I-20, which would take me to Atlanta. Then I-85 to I77 up to I-81, and so forth. Both of these utilize a more direct routing while avoiding some of the known traffic issues.

    This past summer, we took US-17 from I-95 in SC up to New Bern, where we caught US-13. It's a pretty route, but for us it was frustrating ... so many stop signs, stop lights, especially around Myrtle Beach SC. It took us over 7 hours to make 320 miles just from Myrtle Beach to Chesapeake, VA. My husband vows to deal with the traffic around DC if we ever get over to the East Coast again! That's our experience; your comfort zone may be different (hubby's an ex-long haul trucker).


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    Default Whoops?

    I have to agree wholeheartedly with Donna that you'll get a lot better, and far more personalized, advice if you let people know the whys and wherefores of your choices for overnight stays. What do you hope to get out of this trip? What are your interests?

    I will note one major glitch in your current itinerary. You plan to spend one night in Charleston SC and the next night, apparently, in Philadelphia PA. That's around 685 miles if you go by way of Myrtle Beach as you indicate, and that is simply impossible. 685 miles would be a grueling day under the best of conditions, but along beachfront roads through tourist towns, and then up through one of the most congested traffic corridors in the world... Ain't going to happen.


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    I am travelling with 2 other girls and we want to experience the South. To get a feel for the culture. We really want to stop off at Memphis to see Graceland and head to Atlanta to see the night life and visit Savannah and Charlestown to learn about the history and go to Myrtle Beach to see the sea side. I don't have to stay at Philadelphia, if you think Philadelphia is too far of a days trip to visit, Washington DC will be fine to stay at. We are more concerned about experiencing the south. Should I skip a town? Would this trip be possible in 5 nights 6 days?



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    I don't have to stop off at Myrtle beach... basically we want to experience the random places on the way i.e. land marks, diners, museums etc

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    Does the 6 nights/5 days you're thinking about include your time in New Orleans and New York? For that matter, if your goal is to see the south, have you considered skipping NY altogether?

    The trip you've laid out - with what appears to be an extra night - could be done from the perspective of being able to cover the miles, however, I don't think it's a trip where you will really "experience the south."

    The south by its very nature is a pretty laid back place where being in a hurry really goes against the culture. Yet, you're looking at a trip where you're going to be driving at least 6 hours (and in several cases more) per day as you bounce from NOLA to Memphis to Atlanta, etc. That's only going to leave you a couple hours to explore each city, and it will be even worse, on days where you're trying to visit multiple places, like Savannah and Charleston, in one day.

    If you really want to experience southern culture, then I think you should probably cut out some place, with Myrtle being probably the easiest. Spend a night each in Savannah and Charleston instead, and then heading directly to NYC via I-26/I-95 (with an overnight stop en route, probably somewhere around Washington or Baltimore), but if you could skip the 2 days needed to drive north, that would be time you could certainly use to get much of of the southern experience.

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    -I am staying in New Orleans for 2 nights for the Jazz Festival. So I will get to experience a bit of the south and the 2 nights are not included in my 5 night and 6 day of travel and pitt stop to NY

    -I will spend 1 night in Memphis, 1 night in Atlanta, 1 night in Savannah or Charlestown and 1 night(Baltimore & Washington) on my way to NY. I will have an extra night left should I spend it at Myrtle Beach or in Savannah or Charlestown? Or will I need to add that extra night to get to NY?
    -Our aim is to experience the South.

    Sorry I hope that has cleared things.

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    Then my advice has not changed at all from the previous post. I would certainly spend one night each in Savannah and Charleston. You're already going to be moving at a pretty brisk pace that will make it difficult to "experience" the laid back south, but at least then you'll have one set of days where you'll only have to do a couple hours of driving.

    You can get from Charleston to NY in 2 days of driving.

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