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    Default Tweel Tires -- Coming soon?

    Have you been watching the news about Michelin's "Tweel" Tires? Airless tires...

    No more airing up or down! But also you can't adjust them to meet changing road conditions...

    Bridgestone has a version too...

    Videos from the Michelin tires.

    Comments from Car & Driver.

    What do you think?


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    Default Not sure ?

    Quite a clever concept and I could perhaps see them working on modern day electric city cars , or perhaps for extreme Off-roaders, but I'm not so sure I can get my head around having them on a daily workhorse vehicle.

    I would like to see how they react on some of the UK's 'B' roads and country lanes where big pot holes and tight bends with uneven worn road surfaces come together more often than not ! A bit of damp thrown in with a FWD vehicle and it could get twitchy up front. I also wonder if the 'Tweel' would work well with older cars, or would the suspension on newer models need to be tweaked to work well with them, and although most car owners do not adjust/check their tyre pressure as often as they should, [if at all] I do and would miss being able to do so. What about the family car that carries 1 or 2 people for most of the year, and then has to loaded with a family of 4 and all their luggage for holiday time. Not to mention if you were towing a caravan as well !

    Jurys out for me, but for now I'm happy to carry a spare tyre and the approriate tools !


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