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  1. Default Road trip from San Francisco to Phoenix

    Firstly Happy Christmas and new Year to you all!

    I'm looking into the viability of a trip with my partner going from SF to Phoenix from June 1st to 18th, flying from the UK into SF and departing from Phoenix.

    I have family living in Tempe and wish to use part of our trip to catch up with them hence the need to fly out of Phoenix. Our other thought was to fly into Seattle and drive down to Phoenix but not sure if it is too far to consider.

    This will be our second road trip, we visited the same time this year, flying into Phoneix, staying in Tempe, then driving to Williams, GC and Sedona and finishing off in Scottsdale before flying home. We had 18 days and it was a great balance between the drives and having time to relax. We don't want a trip which is based on driving very long hours, for us it defeats the object of having a holiday and seeing places we normally wouldn't get to see.

    My other half is insistent that he does not want to visit Las Vegas at all so any road trip needs to avoid it! (I've visited and loved it but guess its not everyone's taste)

    The other consideration is we need a car hire which will be picked up in SF and dropped off in Phoenix - is this difficult to find?

    I've driven through Zion, Momument Valley, Deat Valley and Hoover Dam back in 2004 and have always wanted to return and would love to combine these into this years trip. Any thoughts/possible itenaries would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default For Zion and Monument valley etc.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums ! [A merry Christmas to you too]

    You shouldn't have any problems finding a one way car rental, but you will have to pay the dreaded one way drop fee. Prices can vary so it's a case of searching what's on offer at the time you travel. This could be avoided by doing a round trip and visiting family in the middle of your trip while taking 2 completely different routes and making a nice loop.

    As for a one way trip, you could first head to Yosemite NP which is one of the finest of all imo ! Having visited Yosemite you could drive across the Sierra's on the spectacular Tioga Pass [CA120] to Mono Lake [provided it's open for the season] before heading south on 395 to Lone Pine and across Death Valley. From Death valley you could head up I15 to Zion NP [hard to avoid Vegas] and then perhaps to Bryce canyon , Page AZ [Antelope canyon/Lake Powell], Monument valley, Grand canyon south rim, Sedona and Phoenix. It would be possible with your time frame to go to Bryce and then take Utah scenic 12 to Torrey and then head out past Capitol Reef NP to Arches and Canyonlands [Moab UT] before driving down through Monument valley. Much will depend on not only how much driving you wish to do, but also how much time you might like to spend in any one place.

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    Default Or, To Avoid Las Vegas

    It is possible to avoid Las Vegas, but only if you are willing to forego Death Valley and Hoover Dam. That is not to say that you can't have some salt flat desert, or a dam across the Colorado, they'll just be different. After exiting Yosemite to the east over Tioga Pass continue on CA-120 to Benton CA and pick up US-6 across the Basin and Range, and passing just south of the Columbus Salt Flat, to Warm Springs NV. There, hop on NV-375, the Extraterrestrial Highway, down to US-93 north and follow that to NV-319/UT-56 east to Cedar City UT. Next, hook around south on I-15/UT-17/UT-9 to Springdale and Zion National Park then continue east to US-89/Alt-US-89 down to Jacob Lake AZ and AZ-67 down to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for a different view and feel than what you experienced at the more tourist-prone South Rim.

    You'll have to double back to Jacob Lake and then continue south (east) on Alt-US-89 to rejoin US-89 which you'll take north to Page AZ and the Glen Canyon Dam which has several daily tours. From Page, AZ-89 will take you to US-160 and Monument Valley and the Four Corners area. You should also consider the short detour to Mesa Verde National Park before heading south on US-191 to Chinle AZ and Canyon de Chelly National Monument. You'd then complete your trip by continuing down to Holbrook, possibly taking another small side trip to Petrified Forest National Park, and finally taking AZ-377/AZ-260/AZ-87 down through Payson to Phoenix.

    Altogether, that's about 1500 miles of driving, not a lot to be covered in 2½ weeks or so, but you will have to pay attention to a couple of legs, in particular the drive from Yosemite to Cedar City. That's 'only' about 450 miles, but much of it is raw, unforgiving land which is why there are various gunnery and weapons test areas spotted throughout it. If you are uncomfortable driving the entire way in one sitting, then Tonopah is probably your best option for spending the night. It's an old silver mining town with some mine tours and museums, and puts Cedar City within about a 6 hour drive.


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