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    Default Orlando to new york to orlando 18 day round trip

    Family of four - two teen girls included - planning an 18 day or so trip in July 13 from Orlando to New York and back. We originally wanted to fly in to NY (Newark) but find that flights into Orlando, and car hire from there, is cheaper. (I'd be grateful to know what are the benefits or disadvantages of doing it this way.)

    Meantime, we plan to land in Orlando and next day head towards the Blue Ridge mountains, and head up towards Shenandoah, Gettysburg, to New York where we intend to spend 3 nights and do the headline sights.

    Driving back, we will visit Washington, and head down towards Savannah, before landing in Orlando for our last 5 nights (or so) in the sun and on the rides.
    Any comments gratefully received, espcially on places to visit. I note that this route isn't exactly a favourite with many people, but it seems to strike a chord with us.

    I want to drive a maximum of 2,500 miles,

    Last year we had a fantastic 18 days round CA, NV and AZ, enhanced by advice from this forum. For which, thankyou.

    Best wishes to all.
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    Default Cost-Benefit Analysis

    The person who completely understands the airlines' pricing structure deserves the Nobel Prize in Economics and/or Mathematics. Suffice it to say that the shopper (e.g. you) who shops a bit outside the box can sometimes find some incredible deals. I'm not surprised that you can fly into Orlando cheaper than you can into Newark, but I am a bit amazed that you looked that far afield. Congratulations. Just be sure that the cost of all the gas you'll use to get from Orlando to New York and back doesn't tip the scales the other way. Or that the added sights you'll see by adding the RoadTrip to your vacation are worth it.

    And actually, your basic routes up to New York and back have been discussed here before. You may go a bit over your self-imposed 2500 mile limit, but not be enough to cause too much concern. The main objective of your exact route planning should be to connect venues that your family will enjoy with scenic roads. For a relaxed pair of drives with time to explore a few sites en route, you should plan on at least four days in each direction. That, with you four or five days in each of Orlando and New York starts to use up your entire eighteen day vacation, but that's one of the downsides of trying to do a lot in a limited timeframe. As long as everybody is on board with your basic plan and has some input into stops, I think you'll be fine.


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    I will briefly mention one potential downside to starting a round trip in Orlando, instead of the New York area is that you'll have to deal with Parking in New York City. NYC really is a place where a car can be more of a pain than helpful, and it can cost a lot to park your car.

    If you start in New York, you will save some money by being able to wait until you start your roadtrip to pick up the car, saving both car rental and parking fees during your time in NYC. It might still be cheaper to start in Orlando and pay for the parking and extra days of car rental, just make sure you are factoring that into your budget.

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    Default And Washington.

    To a lesser extend, the parking issues mentioned by Michael, apply to Washington DC as well. There is an efficient train service between the two cities.


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    Advice heeded, with thanks. We have now decided to keep NY & Washington for a separate trip. Orlando stays, but as the base for a deep south road trip to be planned.

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    Default 10 day circular trip from orlando via blue ridge

    We think we ought to go up the coast, to Savannah, and Charleston, and then do some (or all?) of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
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    We have abandoned the idea of NY, as stated, and decided to do a blue ridge trip on which I need advice. I thought I'd started off a new thread.
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    Default Navigation fixed

    To avoid confusion, I've closed this thread. The new trip which is a 10-day circle route between Orlando and the Blue Ridge Parkway can be found here.

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